Abraham Owen Smoot

Traveled west multiple times
Abraham O. Smoot-Samuel Russell Company 1847. Captian of the Company
Abraham O. Smoot-George B. Wallace Company 1847. Captain of the Company and traveled with Smoot, Margaret Thompson McMeans
Livingston and Kinkead Freight Train 1850. Captain of the Company
Abraham O. Smoot Company 1852. Captain of the Company
Abraham O. Smoot Company 1856. Captain of the Company

George Roberts Grant

George Roberts Grant came West with the Brigham Young Pioneer Company in 1847. The family was living in Davis, Utah Territory on the 1850 U. S. Census. George was listed as a school teacher.

Mary Helen VanOrden

Traveled west in an unidentified company in 1850

Almira Emily Hill

Came West with the Abraham O. Smoot Company in 1847. She became Abraham's wife in 1856. William came in the same Company. On the 1850 Utah Territory Census, she is living with Edward Harris and her children Artemissa and William and possibily Edward Harris' children, Alma and Albert.