Rufus Beach

Came West with the Daniel Spencer/Perrigrine Sessions Company in 1847.

Found living in Salt Lake City on the 1850 U. S. Census.
Lists he was born in New York, not Connecticut.

Titus Billings

Came West with the Heber C. Kimball Company in 1848.

Samuel Dwight Billings

Married Margaret Champlain, CD 105 Pin 922216

Alfred Nelson Billings

Married Deborah Patten on 9 Dec 1851. PRF CD 105 Pin # 922221

George Pierce Billings

Married Edith Patton in May 1852. PRF CD 105 Pin # 922222
Approximate birth year from 1850 census is 1835- eight years later

Eunice Billings

Married John Ely Warner in Oct 1849- CD 105 Pin # 921431
Married George Washington Snow on 27 Mar 1857 in Manti, Sanpete, Utah. CD 105 Pin # 921424

William Blackhurst

Came West with the Edward Hunter/Joseph Horne Company in 1847.

Margaret Stephenson

Died of canker and buried in grave #51.