Lorenzo Babcock

Served in Company C of the Mormon Battalion.

Went West with the Isaac M. Stewart Company in 1852.

Amy Ann Marble

AF lists birth year as 1826, b MPOT lists 1819.
12 Feb 09, JME

George Babcock

Died of canker and is buried in grave #193.

Asa Barton

Came West with the Daniel Spencer/Perrigrine Sessions Company in 1847.

Sons of Utah Pionners- Card Index, 1847-1850 states Asa Barton was "Captain & Clerk of 5th Ten."
www.ancestry.com 2/17/09 JME

Died between 1850-1861. JME

Amos Babcock

Died of consumption. Buried in grave #61in Cutler's Park.

Benjamin A. Babcock

Died of scurvy. Buried in grave #105.

James H. Babcock

This child died in Nauvoo. It has not been proven that he is the child of this couple.

Cirvillia Jane Babcock

Died of chills. Buried in grave # 74.