Springville Residents


Jeremiah Hatch

He had 6-7 more wives, but not until 1870 (probably).

Thomas Day

Listed as the agent for the Frontier Guardian for springville in Pott. Co. Thomas has an original diary that is located in the Historical Department of the church. It is dated from 1814 to 1893. Thomas served as a presiding high priest and was a counselor in the Branch Presidency.

Mary Ann Taphouse

Might be confused for Margan on censuses. An orphan boy named James Meredith traveled with them to Salt Lake.

Hiram Bell Bennett

Sources from genealogical and census records prove that the Bennett family came to Utah in 1851. They were on the 1850 Iowa Census Records and a child was married in October 1851 in Utah. This was after the arrival of that season's emigration.

Anson Sheffield

Captain of second ten.

Vicena Sheffield

Her death is listed in the Frontier Guardian. She died of Typhoid Fever.