Springville Residents


Elias Pulsipher

I am still trying to find out why he died, and I am not sure if he ever lived in Springville, but his widowed wife (If Polly is the right one) was on the list of Springville residents. It's possible that she moved there after he died.

"Widow" Polly Chubbuck Pulsipher

I am 99% sure this is the correct "Widow" Pulsipher. I can't find a fact stating that she lived in Springville, but she lived in District 21 (which might be the same thing?). All the facts just line up that's she's the right one. So hopefully! Her husband Elias died in 1850 and her Co. left in 1852.

Mary Pulsipher Burrell

The Pottawattamie Marriage Records show that she was married in Farmersville on Jan 12, 1851 (even though her family group record says differently.) The "Springville Residents" list just said Widow Pulsipher & Daughter, so I am assuming it is Mary, althought there are many other daughters.

Warner or William McCary

"Either William or Warner is his first name. He was also called: Lamanite Prophet,
Nigger Prophet, Warner McCary (birth name?), William Chubbee, William Chubbee King, Julius McCary, William McChubby, Okah Tubee, James Warner, War'ne'wis Ke'ho'ke Chubbee, (see O'Donovan for list of names)"

Lucy Celesta Stanton

Her full name may be Lucile Ann Celesta Stanton. The reason I think she lived in Springville is because she was married to McCary who was living in Springville and apostasizing people.

James Phineas Pettegrew

I lean towards the Overland Trail Record because it is the more reliable of the the two sources for the death date.
He also traveled with two other companies in two other years. To see them look at the source website lds.org

Selina Ann Williams

Robert G. Williams (Springville resident) is her brother.