Springville Residents


Thomas Ashley Curtiss

Possible wife: Irena in the year previous to 1850 census. Home in 1850: District 21, Pottawattamie, Iowa. He could have had a second marriage to Dorothy Stanton. Other possible children: Carloss and Calmenia.

Ira Curtis Parke

Vermillion is the most reliable place due to the families movements towards the West.

Nellie Parke

Most likely died shortly after birth because 7 years later another Parke daughter was named Nellie.

Eunice Parke

Her state of birth makes no sense but it is the only information I was able to gather for this child. I believe that she would have been born in Illinois but I cannot prove it with the information available.

Jane Ann Mason Chase

Starksboro, Addison, Vermont is a real town and county Stocksborough, Adams is not so I have reason to believe this is the actual town and county of birth.

Stephen Chase

We can safely assume he died in the same place he was born.