Springville Residents


Joseph True Grover

Lincoln may be the county that Lincoln is now under but the County name in 1808 was Sagadahoc.

He already lived in Weber, UT by 1850.

Elijah Wilson

Snippet from bio: "In spite of the hardships, their father was a good, religious man, faithful in the priesthood, attaining to the office of a High Priest, 6 April 1849, according to the family records of Thomas L. Craghead and his wife Harrit, daughter of Elijah."

Sylvester Wilson

There could be a South Park in Uinta County but I was only able to find one in Teton County. Since all of the records say it was in this county that is where I have left it. Also his brother Elijah was buried in South Park Cemetery but the record indicates it is in Teton County.

Mary Wilson

There was no Mesquite, Pottawattamie, Iowa but there was a Mosquito, Pottawattamie, Iowa and that is where I believe that she was truly born. She is a twin with Martha.

Martha Jane Wilson

She is a twin to Mary.

William A. Weston

Died en route 5 miles out of Springville (called Spring Town but most likely the same place). His wife, Martha, died the day before. Had a niece, Martha Chitty, who was to receive his property if he were to die.

Cynthia Shurtliff

Weston is not her maiden name. I put her married name here because I could not find it