Springville Residents


Joseph Lyons Lish

Captain of 4th Ten; with 9 people

Harriet Ann Tripp

Egremont is actually in Berkshire, Massachusetts and not Dutchess, New York. The two counties border each other and that could be the reason for the mistake in the ancestrial file source.

Henry Doctor Lish

Onieda county divided into Power County in 1913.

Alma Lish

Ancestral File states that Alma was of Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.

Joseph Lish

This record of Birth place and death are a little conflicting for the previous child, this child, and the next child. Either this Birthplace is wrong or the other two are wrong and this one is right.

Alva Alexander Lish

This birthplace is incorrect becasue the family was in Utah by 1850.

Enos Lyman Blakesly Lish

Northumberland is now divided into Luzern County.

Isaac Houston

Although his name appears on a non-contemporary typescript list in Journal History (Supp. after 31 Dec. 1848, 6), documentary evidence is stronger for him traveling to Utah in 1851. On 5 February 1843 Isaac received a patriarchal blessing in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, from Hyrum Smith; endowed 24 December 1845 in the Nauvoo Temple; in 1851 emigrated to the Salt Lake Valley; Bishop of the Alpine Ward in Alpine, Utah 1852-185. While at Nauvoo, Isaac had been chosen 1st counselor to the president of the High Priest Quorum.

Isaac Houston

Probably died in the same place as his birth.

Mary Virginia Marsteller

Her place of christening is most likely where she was born.