Springville Residents


Joseph Mecham

Residences: Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa, USA; 1847-1849; Baptism Date: December 25, 1845 Ordained High Priest; In 1860, Joseph had a household of 17, a real wealth of $500, and a personal wealth of $1200. In 1852 Joseph journeyed with the Robert Wimmer Company to the Salt Lake Valley; on 25 December 1845 he was endowed in the Nauvoo Temple; he was a patriarch.

Marriages: Hannah Ladd Tyler - either 25 Dec 1845 or 22 Jan 1846; Anna Elizabeth Bovee - either 9 Jan 1845 or 22 Jan 1846; Sarah Maria Tuttle - 2 May 1888; Mary Catherine Green - 5 Nov 1897.

Thomas Burgess

We decided that this is the CORRECT Thomas Burgess because he is on the same census record with other Springville residents.

On 7 February 1846 Thomas was endowed in the Nauvoo Temple; high priest. LDS Church Ordinance Data: Ordained High Priest.

Israel Burgess

He most likely died in England because he was married there and had a child. His death date was also before the family mad there way to America.

Elizabeth Burgess

She is not listed in any of the census records and her birth place shold be Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.

Thomas Burgess

I believe that he died close to his birth becasue there is no more information available.

Joseph Burgess

There is no other information available so I assume that he died close to his birth.

Marinda Hartwell

She later left her family and married John Hughes.

Daniel E Stanton

In 1860, Daniel had a household of 4 and a personal wealth of $300.2. In 1870, he had a household of 3, a real wealth of $300, and a personal wealth of $350. Comments: #21. Daniel was called to preach the gospel with Seymour Brunson. Comments: #31. Daniel labored in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana with Elisha H. Groves and George M. Hinkle. 2. He volunteered his labors as a missionary on August 6, 1834 when he was appointed to labor with Elias Eames. Comments: #41. Daniel was a soldier in the war of 1812. He emigrated to Ohio in 1819. Comments: #51. Daniel was a member of the St. George Stake. 2. He resided in Panaca, Nevada. Comments: #61. Daniel became a member of the Lima High Council on June 11, 1843. 2. He was a member of the Adam-ondi-Ahman High Council also. 3. Daniel was president of the Quincy, Illinois Stake. 4. He fought in the War of 1812. 5. He was appointed by revelation to preach with Seymour Brunson on January 25, 1832. 6. Daniel was a member of the Prairie Branch in Jackson County, Missouri.

Constanza Clarinda Stanton

FamilySearch has her married to several people but no children, so those details are still uncertain.

Lucy Celesta Stanton

Her full name may be Lucile Ann Celesta Stanton. The reason I think she lived in Springville is because she was married to McCary who was living in Springville and apostasizing people.