Old Agency Residents


Christian Clapper

Washington County in part borders southern Pennsylvania. This may be the reason for the contradictory birthplace information. Hagerstown, Maryland is about 8 miles from the Pennsylvania border.

Margaret Smith

First husband was: Jacob Fredrick Ettleman (married about 1831)

Sarah Abigail Petty

It seems that the 1900 Census is probably more accurate in ages, birthplaces than the 1880 Census.

Eunice Pease Quimby

Eunice Pease Quimby was born July 12, 1825 to Eunice Catherine Floyd Pease and Dr. Ephraim Quimby. Her parents were later divorced and she was adopted by her stepfather, Elijah Hawes/Haws.
(source: Diane's Den, "Eunice Pease Quimby", http://www.dijoninc.com/dianesden/epq.htm, accessed 21 Feb 2008)