Highland Grove Residents


(Still Born) BRYAN

Most likely the first adn second child are the same person unless they were twins which is unlikely.

Eliza Jane BRYAN

Most likely died in the Great Salt Lake Valley at the age of 1-2 years.

Jane Collins SNYDER

Most likely died giving birth to her son John in Decemeber 1834.

Timothy Sabin HOYT

Because he marries Elizabeth Lamont Sperry, whose family lived in Highland Grove, we assumed there was a possiblity that he lived there as well. Also, they may have been civily married in Illinois or before, because sourcs state that they have a daughter, Joesphine Helen Hoyt, who was born 11 Jul 1843.

However, he is listed on the Branch Record of the Mt. Pisgah Branch, indicating that he at least spent some time within that branch, and therefore NOT in Highland Grove. (Ronald G. Watt, Iowa Branches Members Index 1839 - 1859, Volumes I & II, Historical Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1991.)

Enoch Farr

The birth date or the marriage date seem to be a little off with the sources that are currently available.