Highland Grove Residents



There is no County by the name of Engl Gr in Missouri. The only Possible counties could be Nodaway or Andrew.

Abigail Eliza CHASE

She Married Adam Clark Hubbard on January 6, 1848 (Source: Family Group Record: Ancestral File).


She married Adam C. Hubbard in 1848 in Utah (Source: Family Group Record, Ancestral File).

Ezra CHASE Jr.

Most likey NOT born in Vermont. Family left in Brigham Young Company (1848), and therefore it is unlikely that they were in Vermont in 1849 (but it is possible).

Probably the same as Ezra Chase born 6 Jul 1819, and someone misread the numbers.

Thomas Fenton STOTT

Greenacres is pronounces Grinnicres in England so that could account for the poor spelling, Gremacre.