Council Point Branch


Samuel Ruggles Aiken

The census has been misread, so when researching his name will come up as Samuel N. Aiken.

Nancy Mason Lazell

We assume she died in Utah because she had just trekked with her family to Utah and her husband died later in Utah.

Ezra Hela Allen

He was killed while scouting out a road over the Sierra Nevadas for his company. Indians killed him and two other men with him and buried them. The grave was found around July 19, 1848.

William Hackley Allred

This birth place could be Franklin County Georgia or Franklin, Heard County, Georgia.
He is not on the Branch Membership Records for Council Point.

Elizabeth Allred

It doesn't look like she was in the Council Point Branch and even Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

Salley Allred

Marshall and Bedford county are adjacent to one another so the city of Farmington could have been in either or during the time of this child and other children's births in this family, but there are more sources for the Marshall County.
Died before family came to Iowa.
Monroe is both a city and a county in Missouri, so she could have died in just the county or the actual city Monroe..

Lafayette Allred

He died prior to his family coming to Iowa.

Nancy Chummy Allred

She is not listed on the Council Point Branch records with her husband James Gregg.

James Tillman Sanford Allred

We assume that he was buried in Spring City, the city in which he died.

Leomia Allred

I think she is a child of another marriage but she is listed in the Census under this household and there is no other information on her.

Perisia Allred

I think she is from another marriage but she is listed under this household and there is no other information on this girl.

Martin Carrell Allred

The record indicates that he died in 1840 in Utah. No one was in Utah at the time.

Mary Heskett

Most likely died in Nauvoo only about a month and a half after her husband.

Elizabeth Heskett Allred

The birth date is too close to her older brother's so we don't know what the real date is. Also there is not a posibility of her being born in Utah in 1833 so that birthplace is a discrepancy.

Reuben Warren Allred

He was not part of the Council Point Branch.

William Holliday Edwards

It seems that he passed on prior to crossing the plains.

Elizabeth Allred

The birth date is prior to the parents marriage but there are no other sources that help us resolve this issue. If there is some information please submit.

Sally Ray Whitlock

The age given in the census for Sally is the age of her deceased mother who passed away a few months earlier. Her real birth year is about 1828 and there is no information that the husband, Andrew Whitlock remarried.