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Betsey Leavitt

The death place is a little worrisome due to the fact that her family left to Utah in 1852.

Hannah Adams

Some of the Census Records indicate that the children were born in South Carolina or S.C. but there is no real reason for this excepting a misreading of the Primary Document. I believe it reads L.C. or Lower Canada. This fits more in line with where the family was and their journey to Utah.

Lydia Snow

Ancestral File states she was born in Canada in 1847 but her parents were married in Nauvoo in 1846 and Nauvoo was abandoned in that same year for an exodus into Iowa. She was most likely born in Iowa.

Lydia Catherine Mann

The census has been misread saying that she was born in N.C. (North Carolina) but the record actually states that she was born in U.C. (Upper Canada).

Mary Cook

She died on the steamboat Mary and was buried in the Missouri River.