Coonville Branch Residents


Laura Farnsworth

1. Traveled West with the John S. Higbee/James W. Bay Company (1852) with son William M. Frampton.

William Britain

1. William and his family joined the RLDS church .

Mary Bains

1. It is unlikely Mary headed west.

Catherine Rebecca Britain

1. It is unlikely Catherine went west.

Caroline Louisa Britain

1. It is unlikely Caroline traveled West.

Juthathan (Jeduthan) Hardy Averett

1. Jeduthan was in Iowa in 1851 for the birth of his son William and in Utah by 1854 for the birth of his daughter Elizabeth Jane (b. 14 Feb 1854).

Drucilla Averett

1. died as an infant

George Sheffer Clark

1. George traveled West in the James Lake Company (1850) with his wife (Clark, Susannah), and parents (Clark, Richard and Clark, Ann Elizabeth).

2. "...In 1842, at Indianapolis, he heard the Gospel for the first time, an Elder having visited that place, and Bro. Clark became convinced at once. In the spring of 1843 he was baptised in the Mississippi River at Nauvoo. Returning to Indiana he succeeded in selling his farm worth $2,000 for a tenth of that sum and after varied experiences he returned to NAuvoo, hwere he was made a city guard. Geroge was ordained a member of the 13th quorum of SEventy by George A. Smith and others. In 1846, George crossed the Mississippi river with the body of the Saints headed for the western wilds. When at the Missouri river the call was made for troops to go to Mexico in the service of the United STates, he became one fo the noted Mormon Battalion, serving in Company B; but at the line he was put on the sick list and returned to Pueblo. In the Spring of 1847 he and the others of the sick detachment again started for the mountains, overtaking the pioneers at Green river and arrived there with them. He was one of the company that returned to Winter Quarters soon after reaching Salt Lake Valley."
LDS Biographical Encyclopedia. Jenson, Andrew. 1951 Volume: 2 Page 25.

Susannah Dalley

1. Traveled West with husband and in-laws with James Lake Company in 1850. Settled in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah by 23 Sep 1851 for birth of first child.