Bethlehem Branch


Christine Copeland

*Eliza's mother is also listed as Christine Copeland

William Buchanon Corbitt

*FamilySearch, IGI Ordinance Record of Wilie Buchon Corbit lists his birth as 29 Apr 1808. (I think this is a mistake.)
*FamilySearch, IGI Ordinance Record of Wylie Buchan Corbitt lists his death as 13 Jun 1889. (this could be the actual death date and the 19th is the burial date.)
*FamilySearch, AF Individual Record of Wiley Buchanon CORBIT lists his burial in Farmington, Davis, Utah
*The source under "individual source" is my source for W.B. Corbitt's name.

Listed as a physician in the 1880 U. S. Census.

Elzira Shelton

*Bethlehem Branch records her name as Alzira.

Sarah Ann Corbitt

*The extractioner lists this person as L.A., but looking at the author's handwriting of Tennesee leads me to believe the person's initials are T. A.

Martha Dinah Corbitt

*Birthplace of Martha listed by Bethlehem Branch is Florence, N. T. (assumed to mean Nebraska Territory)
*Bethlehem Branch lists her name as D. Me.

Margaret Eliza Corbitt

*Margaret's birth is less than 9 mon. away from Martha's birth.

Christine Copeland

*Wiley's mother is also listed as Christine Copeland

James Howorth

*Bethlehem Branch records James' birthplace as "Halifax par. Yirk co. Eng" Assumed to be Halifax Parish York County, England.

Emileu Judson

*Bethlehem Branch records her birthplace as "Heworth Par. Yirk co. Eng" Assumed to mean Howorth Parish, York County, England.
*Birthdate of Emily is also said to be 30 Apr 1835 in "Emilia or Emily JUDSON, AF" source.
*death date also recorded in IGI (another source) to be "18 Feb 1967" I assume that to be a typing error meaning 1867.

George William Crouch

*Probably head of household as G.W. is first on the list

*believed to be male; possibly George. First on list therefore assumed to be head of household.

Margaret Amelia Fought

Family came to Utah with the Warren Walling Company (1860)

Elizabeth Probley Oliver

Found in Prairie township in Washington County, Arkansas.