Ponca Camp Community Residents

Companies organized by Brigham Young, and Heber C. Kimball at the Cold Springs Camp likewise combined with Miller 's Company and became the advance party for the Church. They were told to stop and find a place to winter. After considering their options, a High Council headed by George Miller voted to go north to winter with the Ponca (Punca, Puncaw, Punckaw, Puncah, etc.) Tribe on the Niobrara (Running Water, Swift Water) River. They arrived in August of 1846 left in April of 1847.

After arriving at the bluffs in 1847 according to Allen Russell: "We (the Punckaw Camp) settled on a little creek about 3 miles west of Winter Quarters, where the main body of the saints were located. Before we reached there, the Pioneers had started for the west with President Brigham Young, at their head. Punckaw Camp, or part of the camp, stopped there and raised our crops and some went to other places. We raised good crops of what little seed we had. In the summer, we cut hay for Winter, hauled logs and made log cabins to live in.

Allen, Jude (Emmett) (Holbrook)
Andrus, Milo (Milo Andrus Autobiography)
Arkins, Mary (Young) (Knight)
Auguers, John (Dame "Teamster) (Young) (Knight)

Bainbridge, Frederick (Young) (Knight)
Barnum, Guy (Miller) (Noble, Hatch)
Bartholomew, Noah Willis (Knight) (Holbrook)
Barton, Asa (Young) (Knight)
Barton, Catharine (Young) (Knight)
Billings, Titus (Kimball) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Bingham, Erastus (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Bingham, Olive [Freeman] (Young) (Knight)
Blackburn, Anthony (Young) (Knight)
Blanchard, Asa (Noble)
Bleliss, Maria (Young) (Knight)
Boyce/Boyes, George (wife died at Ponca, monument)
Brimhall, George W. (Kimball) (Noble, Hatch)
Bronson/Brunson, Lehman/Leman (wife died at Ponca, monument)
Bryant, William (With Neriah Lewis) (Young) (Knight)
Burns, Enoch (Emmett) (Butler)
Butler, John Lowe (Autobiography) (Emmett) (Holbrook)

Call, Anson (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Call, Cyris/Cyril (Young) (Knight)
Call, Josiah (Young) (Knight)
Calvert, David (Young) (Knight)
Calvert, William (Young) (Knight)
Cavert, Mrs. (died at Ponca, monument, perhaps Mrs. Calvert?) (Holbrook, Knight)
Clark, Hyrum (Knight)
Clark, John (Autobiography of his son, John Haslem Clark)

Coval, Mr. ? (Monument, cannot find record them anywhere)
Crandall, Spicer W., Jr. (wife died at Ponca, monument)
Crandall, Spicer W., Sr. (Ancestral File)
Crandell, Martin (Dame Teamster, Young)
Crismon, Charles (Miller) (Holbrook)

Dalton, John (Holt, Hatch)
Dame, Janvrin (wife and 2 children died at Ponca, Mrs. Dame on monument) (Young) (Knight)
Dame, William H. (Young) (Knight)
Deming, Moses (Kimball) (Noble)
Dewitt, Martin (Young) (Knight)
Drake, Daniel Newell Jr. (wife died at Ponca, Mrs. Drake on monument) (Young) (Knight)
Drake, Daniel Newell Sr. (Young) (Knight)
Dustin, Fortunatus (Young) (Knight)

Emmett, James (Emmett) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Emmett, Simpson (Emmett)

Fellows, Albert (Holbrook)
Freeman, Mary [Bingham] (Young) (Knight)
Freeman, Roxana (Young) (Knight)
Fuller, Edward (Miller) (Hatch)
Fuller, Thomas (Miller) (Hatch)

Gates, Thomas (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Glines, Elizabeth [Mayer] (Husband in Battalion, brother died at Ponca) (Kimball)
Goodale, Isaac Newton (Holbrook)
Green, Alvin, Sr.(Hatch)
Green, Robert (Noble)

Haag, Isaac? (Isaac I laight, also mentioned by Emily Noble, stayed at Winter Quarters) (Noble)
*Hancock, Solomon (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Harding/ Hardin, Dwight (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Hatch, Lorenzo Hill (Miller) (Lorenzo Hatch Autobiography)
Hendricks, Tabitha & Sara (with Neriah Lewis) (Young) (Knight)
Hill, Isaac (Young) (Knight)
Hobson, Jessie (Emmett) (Russell)
Holbrook, Chandler (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Holbrook, Joseph (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Holt, James (Emmett) (Autobiography)
Houtz, Jacob (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)

Johnson, Sylvia (with Drakes)(Young) (Knight)
Kay, John Moburn (Biography of John M. Kay)
Kempton, Jerome (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Knight, Newel (died at Ponca, Monument) (Young) (Knight) (Holbrook)

Larson, Lars (Vital Records, LDS Family History Suite)
Lasley, John (Holbrook)
*Lathrop, Asa (Knight)
Lewis, Beason (Young) (Knight)
Lewis, David (Young) (Knight)
Lewis, Neriah, Jr. (Young) (Knight)

Mace, Hiram (Young) (Knight)
Machem, Sarah (With Cyris Call) (Young) (Knight)
Maddock, William (Dame Teamster) (Young) (Knight)
Matthews, William (Young) (Knight)
Mayer/Meyer, George (Kimball) (son died at Ponca, Monument)
McArthur, Daniel (Miller) (Hatch)
Meyers, V ? (On council, who is this?)
Mikesell. John A. (Young) (Knight)
Mikesell, John H. (Young) (Knight)
Miller, George (Miller) (Knight) (Holbrook)
Moffett, Armstead (Emmett) (Butler, Vital Records in LDS Family History Suite)

Noble, Lucian (Kimball) (Emily Electa Noble [Davis interview in Deseret News, March 25, 1916)
Nowlin, Peyton (Young) (Knight)
Nowlin, Bryan Ward (Young) (Knight)
Nowlin, Amanda [Thomas] (Young, husband Jabus Nowlin in Battalion) (Knight)

Ostrander, Eliza [Morrison] (Noble)

Pace, Eliza [Baldwin] (Our Pioneer Heritage)
Pack, Rufus (wife died at Ponca, Monument) (LDS Family History Suite, Vital Records)
Paine, William Grant (Young) (Knight)
Patterson, Matilda Blackburn (Young) (Knight)
Potter, William (Emmett)
Porter, James (Young) (Knight)
Putney, ? (children baptized (Knight)), twin babies died (Noble)

Rice, Asa /Asaph (Young) (Knight)
*Richerson, ? (Knight)
Riddle, John (Emmett) (Autobiography of Isaac Riddle)
Russell, Allen (Emmett) (Autobiography)

Shurtleff, Vinson (Holbrook)
Spiers, Phoebe (Noble)

Staines, William (Miller) (Knight)
Standley, Alexander S. (Holbrook)
Stewart, Andrew Jackson (Emmett) (Russell)
Sweet, George (Young) (Knight)

Tolman, Judson (Young) (Knight) Truman, Elijah? (Noble)
Tuttle, No first name (Hubbard?) (Holbrook)

Wade, Sally M (With Janvrin Dame) (Young) (Knight)
Wilkins, John G.(Young) (Knight)
Wiley, Abigail (With Anson Call) (Young) (Knight)
Wilson, Sarah (With Daniel Drake, Sr.(Young) (Knight)


Newel Knight said that Asa Lathrop and "Richerson" left Ponca for a camp further down on the Elkhorn River. John Mohurn Kay helped Lathrop look for the location. Solomon Hancock went down there later on. They are listed them with the Ponca Camp because it is not absolutely certain who did and did not travel with Ashael Lathrop.