Statistics of the Bethlehem Branch Residential Area

All family members of the head of the household living within the Ward boundaries are listed prior to their departure West or through 1855, whichever occurred first. Some of these children may have been married or died and were not living with the family when the Branch census was taken.

To view and/or download the GEDCOM for the Bethlehem Branch Residential Area, click here: BETHLEHEM

*Please note that all individuals included in the GEDCOM file did not necessarily live at Winter Quarters. They are only included as family members of those who did reside at Bethlehem.

The Iowa Branch Records lists 26 members. (Ron Watt)

# Indicates members of the ward as listed by Ron Watt.
( ) indicates spelling, if different.

Multiple wives are indicated by ( ) after the name.


#Corbitt, William Buchanon (Corbitt, W. B.)
#Corbitt, Elzira Shelton (Corbitt, Alziru)
#Corbitt, Sarah Ann (Corbitt, L. A.)
#Corbitt, Elzira (Corbitt, Alziru Jr.)
#Corbitt, Martha Dinah (Corbitt, D. M.)
#Corbitt, Margaret Eliza (Corbitt, Margaret)
#Crouch, George William (Crouch, G. W.)
#Crouch, Margaret Amelia Fought (Crouch, M. A.)
#Crouch, Nancy Elizabeth (Crouch, A. E.)
#Crouch, Eliza Roxey Snow (Crouch, E. S.)
#Crouch, Elizabeth Probely (Crouch, Elizabeth)
#Howarth, James (Howorth, James)
#Howarth, Emileu Judson (Howorth, Emileu)
#Parker, Abel
#Parker, Isabella Marshall (Parker, Isabella)
#Parker, James
Parker, Mary Jane
#Parker, William
#Parker, Robert
#Sharp, James Robertson (Thorp, James)
Sharp, Martha Arminta Griffith
#Sharp, John Martin (Thorp, John)
Sharp, Mary
Sharp, William
#Sharp, Joseph Smith (Thorp, Joseph)
Sharp, Sarah Emma
#Sharp, James Robertson (Thorp, James Jr.)
#Sharp, George Washington (Thorp, George W.)
Sharp, Nancy Jane
Sharp, Brigham Young (Thorp, B. Y.)
#Sharp, Armintha Elizabeth (Thorp, Arvinintie)
Sharp, Rhoda Rowantha Josephine
Sharp, Jefferson Charles

Members dying as seen in submitted materials

Sharp, Rhoda Rowantha Josephine