Statistics of the Winter Quarters Fifth Ward

All family members of the head of the household living within the Ward boundaries are listed prior to their departure West or through 1853, whichever occurred first. Some of these children may have been married or died and were not living with the family when the Ward census was taken. The Winter Quarters wards were only in place from 1846-1848, at which time the government required the Latter-day Saints, who were on Indian lands, to move back to the east side of the Missouri River.

To view and/or download the GEDCOM for the Winter Quarters Fifth Ward Residential Area, click here: WARD 5

*Please note that all individuals included in the GEDCOM file did not necessarily live at Winter Quarters. They are only included as family members of those who did reside at Winter Quarters.

Bishop: Shadrach Roundy
Assistant: John D. Parker
Assistant: Elias Gardner
Clerk: James Sloan

Number of members: 108 as of 31 December 1846

# Indicates members of the ward as listed by “Winter Quarter Wards Index to Membership Lists: 1846-1848”.
( ) indicates spelling, if different.

The term "widow" does not necessarily mean the husband has died.  It just means that the woman is living alone.

Those members in “bold type” are most likely the ones in the current family.

Multiple wives are indicated by ( ) after the name.


#Bullock, James
Bullock, Mary Hill
Bullock, Thomas
Bullock, Janet
Bullock, Alexander Hill
Bullock, Elizabeth
Bullock, Isabella
Bullock, Mary Catherine
Cox, Amos (serving in the Mormon Battalion)
#Cox, Phelina Morley
Cox, Amelia
Cox, Charles
Cox, Philena L.
Cox, Eveline Rosetta
Cox, George
#Cox, William James
Cox, Delilah Forrester
Cox, Elizabeth
#Dickson, David (Dixon, David)
Dickson, Nancy
Dickson, Mary
Dickson, David M.
Dickson, William
Dickson, Lucy
Durfee, James (died 16 Jul 1844)
#Durfee, Cynthia Elizabeth Soule (Durfey, Cynthia)
Durfee, Peleg
Durfee, Perry
Durfee, Stephen
Durfee, Thomas Jefferson
Durfee, George W.
Durfee, Sophronia
Durfee, William Harrison
Durfee, Clara J.
Durfee, Laura
Durfee, Anna
#Durfee, Alzina
#Durfee, Joseph J. (Durfee, Joseph)
#Durfee, Benjamin F. (Durfee, Benjamin)
#Durfee Mary
#Durfee, Sarah
#Durfee, James Devine (Durfee, James D.)
#Durfee, Cynthia E. (Durfee, Smithy E.)
Durfee, Alvin
Durfee, Joseph (died 1843)
#Durfee, Margaret Moore (Durfey, Margaret)
Durfee, Aaron Bradford
Durfee, Charles
Durfee, Elizabeth Brightman
Durfee, Caroline Amelia
Durfee, Abigail
Durfee, Joseph
Dykes, George Parker (served in the Mormon Battalion)
#Dykes, Dorcas Keeling (Dykes, Mrs.)
Dykes, William Lehi
Dykes, Nephi
Dykes, Eliza Jane
Dykes, Don Carlos
Dykes, Rhoda Ann
#Eggleston, Samuel
Eggleston, Lurania Powers Burgess
Eggleston, Dwight
Eggleston, Benjamin
Eggleston, Reuben
Eggleston, Edwin
Eggleston, Harvey
Eggleston, Orson Hyde
Eggleston, Samuel
Eggleston, Mary
#Eldredge, Horace Sunderlin (Eldridge, Horace)
Eldredge, Betsy Ann Chase
Eldredge, Lurana
Eldredge, Helen Louisa
Eldredge, Alice
#Eldredge, Ira (Elridge, Ira)
Eldredge, Nancy Black
Eldredge, Elizabeth
Eldredge, Edmund
Eldredge, Diana
Eldredge, Esther Ann
Eldredge, Alma
Eldredge, Hyrum
Eldredge, Alanson
Eldredge, Alanson (father of Ira)
#Gardner, Elias
Gardner, Harriet Snow Smith (1) (died in 1830)
Gardner, Walter Elias
Gardner, Harriet Elizabeth
Gardner, Amy Pritchard (2) (died in 1846)
Gardner, Mary A.
Gardner, Mary Amelia
Gardner, Nancy Maria
Gardner, Henry Erastus Stanley
Gardner, Permelia
Gardner, Betsy Elizabeth Markham (3)
#Gifford, Samuel
Gifford, Lora Ann DeMill
Gifford, Alpheus
#Green, John (Green, Brother)
Green, Susannah Burrup (1) (died 1834)
Green, Thomas
Green, Susannah Phillips (2)
Green, Ann
Green, William
Green, Joseph
Green, Charlotte
Green, William Robert
Green, Robert
Green, James
Green, Mary Elizabeth
Green, John Charles
#Hickenlooper, William Haney (Hickenlooper, William)
Hickenlooper, Sarah Hawkins
Hickenlooper, Harriet Jane
Hickenlooper, Belinda
Hickenlooper, John Thomas
Leavitt, Weare (died 1840)
#Leavitt, Phoebe Abigail Cowles (Abigail L.)
Leavitt, Charles
Leavitt, George
Leavitt, Emmaline
Leavitt, Abigail
Leavitt, Louisa
Leavitt, Levi
#Manson, Eleanor
Merriam, Edwin Parker (died 14 Sep 1842)
#Merriam, Hannah Blakesley Finch (Mariam,Hannah)
Merriam, Amasa Edwin
Merriam, Joseph Newell
Merriam, George Francis
McCord, Alexander (Serving in the Mormon Battalion)
#McCord, Sybil Bradenburg (McCord, Libby)
#McCord, Elizabeth
#McCord, Eunice
#McCord, William
McCord, Hirum
McCord, Warren (Luther)
McCord, Bradley H.
McCord, Ichabod
#Morley, Isaac
Morley, Lucy Gunn (1)
Morley, Philena
Morley, Lucy Diantha
Morely, Editha Ann
Morley, Calista
Morley, Son
Morley, Daughter
Morley, Arathusa
Morley, Theresa Arthusa
Morley, Isaac
Morley, Abigail Leonora (2)
Murdock, Daniel
#Murdock, Caroline (Murdock, Mrs.)
Murdock, Julia
Murdock, Hyrum
Murdock, Martha
Murdock, Eliza
Murdock, Lyman
Murdock, Emer
Murdock Lucy
Murdock, Sarah Emily
#Parker, John Davis (Parker, John D.)
Parker, Almeda Sophia
Parker, Jared Curtis
Parker, John Davis
Parker, Malinda
#Phelps, Morris Charles (Phelps, Morris)
Phelps, Laura Clark
Phelps, Paulina Eliza
Phelps, Mary Ann
Phelps, Harriet Wright
Phelps, Joseph Morris
Phelps, Jacob Spencer
#Roundy, Shadrach
Roundy, Betsey Quimby
Roundy, Almeda Sophia
Roundy, Samantha
Roundy, Lauren Hotchkiss
Roundy, Julia Rebecca
Roundy, Lorenzo Wesley
Roundy, Luaretta
Roundy, Jared Curtis
Roundy, William Felshaw
Roundy, Nancy Jane
Roundy, Malinda
#Roundy, Lauren Hotchkiss
Roundy, Johanna Carter
Roundy, Byron Donalvin
Roundy, William Heber
#Roundy, Lorenzo Wesley
Roundy, Adeline Whiting (1)
Roundy, Myron Shadrach
Roundy, George Whiting
Roundy, Susannah Wallace (2)
#Sabin, Elijah Jefferson (Sabin, E. J.)
Sabin, Mary Ann Carter (1) (died 21 Jul 1845)
Sabin, Margaret
Sabin, Nancy
Sabin, James
Sabin, Rachel Birdsall (2)
Sabin, Louisa
Sabin, Howard
Sabin, George W.
#Sloan, James
Sloan, Mary Magill
Sloan, Mary Jane
#Snedaker, Morris Jackson
Snedaker, Ann Earl
#Spencer, Orson
Spencer, Catherine Cannon Curtis (1) (died 12 May 1846)
Spencer, Catherine Read
Spencer, Ellen
Spencer, Aurelia Read
Spencer, Catherine Curtis
Spencer, Howard Orson
Spencer, George Boardman
Spencer, Lucy Curtis
Spencer, Chloe
#Swapp, William (Swop, William)
Swapp, Elizabeth Hill
Swapp, Agnes
Swapp, William Hill
Swapp, Archibald Hill
#Taft, Seth Bishop
Taft, Harriet Ogden (1)
Taft, Elizabeth Lydia
Taft, Almira Sophia
Taft, Jeanette
Taft, Edward
Taft, Euranah Eddy (2)
Taft, Eliza Jane (3)
#Tuttle, Azariah (Tuttle, Ezenah)
Tuttle, Ann Mabbot
Tuttle, Leonard Alexander
Tuttle, Elizabeth Ann Brown
Tuttle, Abigail
Tuttle, Mary Ann
#Wallace, George Benjamin (Wallace, Ge.)
Wallace, Mary Critchett McMurphy (1)
Wallace, Ellen S.
Wallace, Melissa Mandana King (2)
Wallace, Mary Melissa
#Whiting, Chauncy
Whiting, Editha Ann Morley
Whiting, Isaac Morley
Whiting, Carmelia
Whiting, Warren
Whiting, Alonzo
Whiting, Lurette
Whiting, Chauncy
Whiting, Theodore
Whiting, Editha Ann
Whiting, Louisa
Whiting, Alfred
Whiting, Lucy Emeline
#Wright, Jonathan Calkins (Wright, John)
Wright, Rebecca Wheeler
Wright, Amos Russell
Wright, Henry Tyler
Wright, Virginia Ann Charlotte
Wright, King David Darwin
Wright, Hyrum
Wright, Enoch
Wright, Jonathan
Wright, Lyman Van
Wright, Sarah C. Boyce
#Young, Lorenzo Dow (Young, Lorenzo)
Young, Persis Goodall (1)
Young, William Goodall
Young, Joseph Watson
Young, Lucy Ann
Young, Harriet Maria
Young, John Ray
Young, Franklin Wheeler
Young, Lorenzo Sabieski
Young, Lucius James
Young, Lucia Jane
Young, Brigham Willard
Young, Frances Elizabeth
Young, Harriet Page Wheeler (2)
Young, John Brigham

Residents Who Died at Winter Quarters (12) (11% of members)

*Click on the grave number to see a map of the Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery

Bullock, Isabella Grave #136
Bullock, Janet Grave #82
Cox, Philena L. Grave #14 in Cutler's Park
Eggleston, Samuel Grave #208
Eldredge, Helen Louisa Grave #216
Gardner, Amy Pritchard (listed as Emma) Grave #10
McCord, Hirum Grave #37 in Cutler's Park
Morley, Lucy Gunn Grave #285
Roundy, Johanna Carter Grave #75
Swapp, Agnes Grave #4 in Cutler's Park
Tuttle, Luther Terry Grave #197
Wright, Enoch Grave #27

Information taken from Jensen, Carlyle B. and Gail Geo. Holmes, A “Grave” Experience at the Mormon Pioneer Winter Quarters Cemetery, October 1999.

Others that died indicated by family records:

Durfee, Cynthia Elizabeth Soule Died 16 Feb 1847
Parker, Jared Curtis Died 29 Dec 1847

Number of Deaths by Age Group

Ward 5 Pie a  0-8 yrs
b  9-16 yrs
c  17-60 yrs
d  Over 60 yrs

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters Fifth Ward

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters Fifth Ward a  Canker
b  Chills
c  Inflammation and Bowel Complaint
d  Spasms
e  Summer Complaint
f  Whooping Cough
g  Winter Fever
h  Unknown