Statistics of Winter Quarters Twenty First Ward

All family members of the head of the household living within the Ward boundaries are listed prior to their departure West or through 1853, whichever occurred first. Some of these children may have been married or died and were not living with the family when the Ward census was taken. The Winter Quarters wards were only in place from 1846-1848, at which time the government required the Latter-day Saints, who were on Indian lands, to move back to the east side of the Missouri River.

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Bishop: Addison Everett

Counselor:  Caleb Baldwin
Counselor:  Daniel Burch (Daniel Birch)
Clerk:  Norton Jacob

Number of members: 232 as of 31 December 1846

# Indicates members of the ward as listed by “Winter Quarter Wards Index to Membership Lists: 1846-1848”.
( ) indicates spelling, if different.

The term "widow" does not necessarily mean the husband has died.  It just means that the woman is living alone.

Those members in “bold type” are most likely the ones in the current family.

Multiple wives are indicated by ( ) after the name.

Ackley, John
# Ackley, Jane Robison (Achley, Jane) (Widow)
# Ashton, Thomas
   Ashton, Mary Howard
   Ashton, Joseph Howard
Ashton, Richard
   Ashton, Catherine
   Ashton, Margaret Elizabeth
   Ashton, Mary Ann
# Baldwin, Caleb
   Baldwin, Nancy Kingsbury
   Baldwin, Nancy Maria
   Baldwin, Waldo
   Baldwin, James Kingsbury
   Baldwin, Abigail Sherman
   Baldwin, Juliann Murdock
   Baldwin, Ellen Diana
   Baldwin, Elizabeth Elmina
# Baldwin, James
Baldwin, Sarah Ann Smith
Baldwin, Robert
Baldwin, Harriet
   Baldwin, Thomas
   Baldwin, William
  Baldwin, James (Died in Nauvoo)
   Baldwin, John
   Baldwin, Sarah Ann
   Baldwin, George
# Bigelow, Nahum
   Bigelow, Mary Gibbs
   Bigelow, Mary Jane
# Bigelow, Hiram
   Bigelow, Lucy
   Bigelow, Asa Elijah
   Bigelow, Lovina
Bigelow, Liola
   Bigelow, Sariah
   Bigelow, Moroni L.
   Bigelow, Daniel
   Bigelow, Joseph Smith
# Burch, Daniel (Birch, Daniel)
   Burch, Ann Wilson McClellan
Burch, John Milton
   Burch, William
   Burch, James
   Burch, Robert McClellan
   Burch, Belinda
Burch, Angeline (Died in Nauvoo)
   Burch, Emma
Burch, Joseph (Died in Nauvoo)
Blood, Isaac (Died in Nauvoo)
# Blood, Elizabeth Spaulding (Blood, Elizabeth) (Widow)
Blood, Solomon
   Blood, Ira
   Blood Elizabeth S.
# Boss, David
   Boss, Martha Patsy Brown
   Boss, Alexander
# Boss Alfred (Boys, Alfred)
# Boss, David (Boys, David)
# Boss, Calvin (Boys, Calvin)
# Bracken, Levi (54)
# Bracken, Elizabeth Clark (55)
Bracken, Mary Ann
Bracken, Hannah Marie
   Bracken, James Bennett
   Bracken, William
   Bracken Lucretia Charlotte
# Bracken, Matilda (20)
# Bracken, Elizabeth Ann (18)
# Bracken, Arvilla (1)
# Bringhurst, Samuel
   Bringhurst, Eleanor Beitlier
   Bringhurst, William Augustus
   Bringhurst, Anna Barr
  Bringhurst, Henry L. (Died in Nauvoo)
   Bringhurst, Robert Pierce
# Bringhurst, William
   Bringhurst, Ann Dilworth
   Bringhurst, Charles Harper  
#Brinton, David (Brinker, David)
Brinton, Sarah Piersol (1) (Died in Nauvoo)
   Brinton, Evans Piersol
Brinton, Daniel M. (Died in Nauvoo)
   Brinton, Elizabeth Ann (Died in Nauvoo)
   Brinton, John (Died in Nauvoo)
Brinton, Elizabeth Garrett Hoopes (2) (Died in Nauvoo)
   Brinton, Robert Hoopes (Died in Nauvoo)
Brown, James (Mormon Battalion)
Brown, Martha Stephens (1)
Brown, John Martin
Brown, Alexander (Mormon Battalion)
   Brown, Jesse Stowell
   Brown, Nancy (16)
   Brown, Daniel Stephens (15)
   Brown, James Morehead (Brown, James) (13)
   Brown, William (11)
   Brown, Benjamin  Franklin (Brown, Franklin) (9)
   Brown, Moroni
 #Brown, Sarah Steadwell (2) (32)
   Brown, James Harvey (Brown, J. H.) (5 m.)
   Wood, Joseph (Brown, Joseph) (5)
# Cannon, Hiram
   Cannon, Mary M. Horn
# Collett, Daniel
   Collett, Esther Jones
Collett, Sylvester
   Collett, Sylvanus
   Collett, Rhoda Sylvia
   Collett, Reuben
Collett, Fannie Marie (Died in Nauvoo)
Collett, Daniel (Died in Nauvoo)
   Collett, Mary Ann
# Everett, Addison
Everett, Eliza Ann Elting (1)
   Everett, Ann Eliza Adelaide
   Everett, Schuyler Alanson
   Everett, Orpha Maria (2)
   Everett, Mary Davis
Everett, Orpha Maria (Died in Nauvoo)
# Fairbanks, John Boylston (Fairbanks, John B.)
   Fairbanks, Sarah H. Van Wagoner
   Fairbanks, John Joseph (Died in Nauvoo)
   Fairbanks, Harriet
# Felshaw, William
   Felshaw, Mary Harriet Gilbert (1)
Felshaw, Nancy Mary
   Felshaw, Lemuel
   Felshaw, Josiah
   Felshaw, Betsey
   Felshaw, Julia
Felshaw, William Alma (Died in Nauvoo)
   Felshaw, John
   Felshaw, Anne Mary
   Felshaw, Lucy Rachel
   Felshaw, Caroline
   Felshaw, Charlotte Walters (2)
   Felshaw, Katherine
   Felshaw, Mary Amanda
# Fisher, Joseph A.
   Fisher, Evaline McLean
   Fisher, James Madison
   Fisher, Hellen Maria
Fisher, Curtis G.
   Fisher, Elizabeth Jane
   Fisher, Joseph Armstrong
   Fisher, Henry Charles
   Fisher, Thomas T.
   Fisher, Reuhamah
# Flack, James Madison (Flack, James)
# Green, Edward Marees (Green, Edward M.)
   Green, Suzanne
   Green, Caroline P.
   Green, Angeline
   Green, Permilia
# Groesbeck, John Wesley (Groesbeck, John)
   Groesbeck, Rebecca Ann Knickerbacker
Groesbeck, Eve Eliza
   Groesbeck, Benjamin F.
   Groesbeck, William Harman
Groesbeck, Philip Henry
   Groesbeck, Margaret AnnJohn
   Groesbeck, John Wesley
   Groesbeck, Abraham Derick
# Harley, Edwin
   Harley, Tirza Bowen
Harley, John Harris (Died in Nauvoo)
# Harper, Charles Alfred (Harper, Charles A.)
   Harper, Lavina Wollerton Dilworth
Harper, Ann
   Harper, Susan
   Harper, Harvey John
   Harper, Ellen
# Hopkins, Ezekiel
   Hopkins, Lydia Gravatt
   Hopkins, John Wesley
# Hopkins, Hector
Hopkins, Mary Ann
# Hopkins, Thomas Stuard (Hopkins, Thomas)
Hopkins, Henrietta Gravatt
# Hopkins, Sarah Sophia (Hopkins, Sarah)
# Hopkins, Robert Gravatt (Hopkins, Robert)
# Hopkins, Ezekiel
# Hopkins, Daniel
# Horlick, John Henry, (Horlick, John)
   Horlick Elizabeth Parr
   Horlick, Ann
   Horlick Frances
   Horlick, Julia
   Horlick, Elizabeth
   Horlick, John Heber
# Jacob, Norton (Jacobs, Norton)
   Jacob, Emily Horton Heaton
   Jacob, Elsie Pamelia
Jacob, Benjamin
   Jacob, Oliver Barr
   Jacob, Lucian Heaton
Jacob, Elizabeth Jane (Died in Nauvoo)
   Jacob, Ira Norton
Jacob, Emma (Died in Nauvoo)
   Jacob, Joseph
   Jacob, Emily Amelia
# Jacob, Udney Hay
Jacob, Elizabeth Hubbard (1)
Jacob, Norton (same as above)
   Jacob, Jason Kellogg
   Jacob, Prosper Hubbard
   Jacob, Stephen
   Jacob, Elisha Pelham
   Jacob, Eliza Ann
   Jacob, Mary Jane
   Jacob, Lovisa Comstock
# Johnson, Artemus
Johnson, Rachel (1)
   Johnson, Abiah
   Johnson, Almira Ayers (2) 
# Keeler, James (Heeler, James)
   Keeler, Jane Herrett
   Keeler, Sophia Jane
Keeler, Jane
# Kesler, Frederick
   Kesler, Emeline Parker
   Kesler, Marrietta
   Kesler, Antoinette

   Kesler, Caroline Elizabeth (Died in Nauvoo)
   Kesler, Joseph
   Kesler, Frederick
   Kesler, Laura
Lawrence, John
# Lawrence, Rhoda Sanford (Lawrence, Rhoda) (Widow) (34)
Lawrence, Ephraim
# Lawrence, Arminta Miranda (Lawrence, Aramenta A.) (15)
# Lawrence, Sarah Jane (Lawrence, Sarah T.) (12)
# Lawrence, Maria (Lawrence, Mariah) (10)
# Lawrence, Emma Smith (Lawrence, Emma) (8)
# Lawrence, Mary Ellen Eleanor (Lawrence, Mary E.) (6)
Lawrence, Angelina Elizabeth
   Lawrence, Rhoda Almira
   Lawrence, John Edwin
# Laub, George (Lobb, George)
   Laub, Mary Jane McGinness
   Laub, Ephraim (Died in Nauvoo)
# Lytle, John
   Lytle, Christina Diana Whitner (1)
   Lytle, John Milton
   Lytle, Mary Jane
   Lytle, Fannie
   Lytle, William Perry
Lytle, Alma
   Lytle Caroline Elida
   Lytle, George Andrew
   Lytle, Charles
   Lytle, Mary Jane Lambson (2)
   Lytle, Andrew (Father)
   Lytle, Sarah Davidson
# Maxham, Charles (Maxam, Charles)
   Maxham, Matilda Russell
   Maxham, Cynthia Seldona
# McFate, James
   McFate, Elizabeth Williams (1)
   McFate, Mariah Louisa
   McFate, Martha Jane
   McFate, William
McFate, Elizabeth
   McFate, Rowene Elizabeth
   McFate, Thomas Williams
# McFate, James Richard (McFate, James)
McFate, Sarah Ann (died in WQ)
McFate, Lucy Thompson (2)
McFate, Joseph Smith
   McFate, Orilla
McFate, Ardelia Elmyra (died in WQ)
   McMullin, Henry Lufkin (Meelmullen, Henry)
# McMullin, Willard Glover (Mullen, Willard)
   McMullin, Martha Richards

# Mikesell, Hiram Washington (Mikesel, Hiram)
   Mikesell, Ann Augusta Scott
Mikesell, Mary Catherine (Died in Nauvoo)
   Mikesell, Ammoziah
   Mikesell, Mathew Scott
# Pendleton, Calvin Crane (Pendleton, Calvin C.)
   Pendleton, Sally Ann Seavey (1)
   Pendleton, Emmeline (Died in WQ)
   Pendleton, Daniel Seavey
   Pendleton, Phoebe (2)
# Petty, Albert (Petty, Abner)
   Petty, Catherine
Petty, Eliza Jane
   Petty, William George
   Petty, Sarah Geraldine
Petty, Lydia Isabell
   Petty, John Ralph (Died in WQ)
Petty, Albert Augustus
   Petty, Heber Chase Kimball
   Petty, Catherine Elizabeth
   Petty, Mary Ann (Died in WQ)
# Pugh, Edward (Tew, Edward)
# Ralston, John (Rolston, John)
   Ralston, Hannah Pearce
   Ralston, Josephine Bonaparte
   Ralston, Augustus Pearce
   Ralston, Isabella Amanda (Alice)
   Ralston, Rhoda Ann
   Ralston, John Thurston
   Ralston, James E.
   Ralston, William Wallace
   Ralston, Enos Brooks
   Ralston, Mary Loretta
# Robinson, Henry
# Robinson, John
# Robinson, John
   Robinson, Abigail Parsons
   Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, William James
   Robinson, Niven C.
   Robinson, Benjamin Parsons
   Robinson, Cyrus
   Robinson, Eveline Parsons
   Robinson, Sarah Abigail
   Robinson, Isaac Payson
   Robinson, Lawrence
Robison, William Henry
# Robison, Elizabeth Squires (Robinson, Elizabeth) (Widow)
   Robison, Margaret
   Robison, William
Robison, Child
   Robison, Child
   Robison, Jane
   Robison, James Henry
   Robison, Rosetta
   Robison, Julia Ann
   Robison, Clarinda
   Robison, Charles William
Robison, Theodore
   Robison, Theodora
   Robison, Sarah Elizabeth
# Scott, John
   Scott, Elizabeth Menerey (1)
   Scott, Isaac
   Scott, Matilda
   Scott, Louisa
   Scott, Ephraim
   Scott, John William
   Scott, Hyrum
   Scott, Elizabeth Ann
   Scott, Sarah Ann Willis (2)
   Scott, Joseph Lemuel
   Scott, Mary Pugh (3)
   Scott, Hyrum
# Smith, James Henry (Smith, James H.) (41)
# Smith, Hannah Van Wagoner (Smith, Hannah) (32)
# Smith, Halma James Van Wagoner (Smith, Halmak) (13)
# Smith, Josiah Van Wagoner (Smith, Joseph) (11)
# Smith, Hyrum Van Wagoner (Smith, Hiram) (9)
# Smith, John Van Wagoner (Smith John) (7)
# Smith, Sarah Ann (Smith, Sarah A.) (4)
# Smith, Mary Emma (Smith, Maria M.) (2)
Havens, John William
# Van Wagoner, Harriet Ann (Van Wagoner, Ann) (Widow)
Havens, Ann
   Havens, William Henry
   Havens, Mary Ann
# Weeks, William
   Weeks, Caroline Matilda Allen
Weeks, Ammon
  Weeks, Delight
  Weeks, Laura
   Weeks, Sophronia
   Weeks, Arvin
   Weeks Rophena Rossena
# Wells, Phares
   Wells, Maria McLean
Wells, Nephi
   Wells, Evaline
   Wells, Phares
Residents in the Mormon Battalion:

James Brown (Captain of Company C)


Residents Who Died at Winter Quarters (19) (8.2%)

*Click on the grave number to see a map of the Winter Quarters Cemetery.

Ackley, John
Cutler's Park #35
Bringhurst, Charles Harper
Grave #43
Brinton, Elizabeth Hooper
Cutler's Park #10
Brinton, Robert H.
Cutler's Park #10
Felshaw, Anna M.
Grave #285
Harper, Ellen
Grave #212
Horlick, Julia
Grave #219
Lawrence, Angelina Elizabeth Cutler's Park #34
Lawrence, John
Grave #39
Lawrence, John
Grave #99
Lawrence, Rhoda Almira
Cutler's Park #36
Lytle, Sarah Davidson
Grave #168
McFate, Lucy Thompson Lisk
Grave #106
Pendleton, Emmeline
Grave #113
Pendleton, Sally Ann Seavy
Grave #228
Petty, John Ralph
Grave #76
Ralston, Augustus Pearce
Grave #29
Robison, William Henry
Grave #77
Weeks, Arvin
Grave #139

Information taken from Jensen, Carlyle B. and Gail Geo. Holmes, A “Grave” Experience at the Mormon Pioneer Winter Quarters Cemetery, October 1999.

Others that died indicated by family records:

McFate, Ardelia Elmyra
3 Dec 1846
McFate, Elizabeth 29 Mar 1847
Petty, Mary Ann
21 Oct 1846
Robinson, Cyrus
Sep 1846