Statistics of Winter Quarters Seventeenth Ward

All family members of the head of the household living within the Ward boundaries are listed prior to their departure West or through 1853, whichever occurred first. Some of these children may have been married or died and were not living with the family when the Ward census was taken. The Winter Quarters wards were only in place from 1846-1848, at which time the government required the Latter-day Saints, who were on Indian lands, to move back to the east side of the Missouri River.

To view the residents for the Winter Quarters Seventeenth Ward Residential Area, click here: WARD 17

Bishop: Albert Lutz
Clerk:  Thomas Bullock

Number of members: 301 as of 31 December 1846

# Indicates members of the ward as listed by “Winter Quarter Wards Index to Membership Lists: 1846-1848”.
( ) indicates spelling, if different.

The term "widow" does not necessarily mean the husband has died.  It just means that the woman is living alone.

Those members in “bold type” are most likely the ones in the current family.

Multiple wives are indicated by ( ) after the name.

# Bailey, Sarah Kendrick Currier (Bailey, Sarah) (Widow)
   Bailey, Daniel (died in Nauvoo)
   Bailey, Elisabeth C. (died in Nauvoo)
   Bailey, John C. (died in Nauvoo)
   Bailey, Mary Ann (died in Nauvoo)
# Barney, Royal, Jr. (Barney, Royal)
   Barney, Sarah Bowen Esterbrook
   Barney, Harriett Emeline
Barney, Royal Benjamin
   Barney, Sarah Melissa
Barney, Malinda Abigail
   Barney, Electa Jane
  Barney, Mary Maria (died in Nauvoo)
# Beebe, Harriet Mariah (Beebe, Harriet) (Lives with the Mary Eliza Green family)
# Benson, Ezra Taft (Benson, Ezra T.)
   Benson, Pamelia Andrus (1)
Benson, Charles Augustus
   Benson, Chloe Jane
   Benson, Charles Augustus
Benson, Jonathan Andrus
Benson, Adin Parsons
   Benson, Pamelia Emma
Benson, Isabella
   Benson, Adeline Brooks Andrus (2)
Benson, Harvey Andrus (died in Nauvoo)
   Benson, George Taft
   Benson, Desdemona Wadsworth "Caitlin" Fullmer (3)
   Benson, Eliza Ann Perry (4)
Benson, Alice Eliza
   Benson John Perry
   Benson, Lucinda Burton (5)
# Bird, Charles
   Bird, Mary Ann Kennedy
   Bird, Henrietta
Bird, Amanda Sedilla
   Bird, John Pratt Kennedy
Bird, Elizabeth Ann "Betsey Ann"
   Bird, Benjamin Freeman
   Bird, Kelsey
Bird, Charles
   Bird, Bradford Kennedy
   Bird, Eliza Jane
   Bird, Charles
   Bird, William
   Bird, Martin Lewis Dainey
Bird, George Albert Smith
# Bliss, Norman Ingles (Bliss, Norman S.)
   Bliss, Mary Elizabeth Cole (1)
# Bliss, Orley Dwight (Bliss, Orley) (8)
# Bliss, Betsey Ann Bird (Bliss, Betsey Ann) (2) (18)
# Bliss, Mary Ann (2 mos)
# Brown, George Washington (Brown, George)
   Brown, James Andrew
   Brown, Sarah Mariah
Brown, Nathaniel
   Brown, Esther
   Brown, Sidney William
   Brown, Nathaniel
   Brown, Avis Hill
Brown, Joseph
   Brown, Nathaniel
# Brown, Isaac H. (Brown, Isaac)
   Brown, Nathaniel Thomas
   Brown, James C.
   Brown, Eliza
Buell, Norman
# Buell, Presendia E. Huntington (Buell, Precinda)  (widow)
Buell, George William
Buell, Silas Dimick
Buell, Thomas J.
Buell, Chauncey Dresser
Buell, Adaline E.
# Buell, Oliver Norman (Buell, Oliver) (7)
Buell, John Hyrum
#Bullock, Thomas
   Bullock, Henrietta Rushton
   Bullock, Thomas Henry
   Bullock, Charles Richard
   Bullock, Pamela
   Bullock, Willard Richards
Callahan, Thomas William (Mormon Battalion)
#Callahan, Lucinda Shipman Austin (Calahan, Lucinda) (Soldier's wife) (25)
Callahan, Alma Austin
   Callahan, Andrew Nicholas (Calahan, Andrew) (4)
Callahan, Amasa Lyman
   Callahan, Agnes Ann (Calahan, Agnes) (2 mos)
Candland, David
# Candland, Mary Ann Barton (Candland) (Husband in England) (32)
   Candland, Sarah Emily (1) (Candland, Sarah E.)
  Candland, Mary Catherine
   Casto James Carlton (Mormon Battalion)
# Casto, Harriet Thompson (Casto, Harriet) (Soldier's wife) (19)
   Casto, James Ezra (3 mos)
  Clawson, Zepheniah
# Clawson, Catherine Reese (Clawson, Catharine)  (Widow) (43)
Clawson, Susannah
   Clawson, Hiram Bradley (Clawson, Hiram) (20)
Clawson, John Reese
   Clawson, Luisa P.
   Clawson, Helen Cordelia (Clawson, Helen C.) (12)
   Clawson, Harriet Cornelia (8)
# Clayton, James
   Clayton, Lydia Moon
   Clayton, Hirum James
# Clayton, William
   Clayton, Ruth Moon (1)
   Clayton, Sarah Lucretia
   Clayton, Margaret Normandy
Clayton, Henrietta Lucretia
   Clayton, William Heber
   Clayton, Vilate Ruth
   Clayton, Newell Horace
   Clayton, Margaret Moon (2)
Clayton, Daniel Adelbert (died in Nauvoo)
   Clayton, Joseph Thomas
   Clayton, Diantha Farr (3)
   Clayton, William Adriel Benoni "Moroni"
   Clayton, Olive Diantha
#Corbett, Thomas (Corbitt, Thomas)
   Corbett, Sophronia Kelley

#Davis, George David Varner (Davis, Daniel)
   Davis, Caroline Frances Angell
   Davis, Mary Ann
   Davis, Sarah Abigail

   Davis, George David
# Dickey, James
# Dunn, Simeon Adams (Dunn, Simeon)
   Dunn, Adeline Rawson (1) (Died in Nauvoo)
   Dunn, Adaline
   Dunn, Francis
   Dunn, Mary Adaline
   Dunn, Maria
   Dunn, Mosiah
   Dunn, Amariah
   Dunn, Betsey
Dunn, Margaret Synder (2)
   Dunn, Susanna
Dunn, Simeon
   Dunn, Jane Caldwell (3)
   Dunn, Joseph Moroni
   Dunn, Harriet Atwood Silver
#Edwards, Elisha Franklin (Edwards, Elisha)
   Edwards, Maria Elizabeth Duzette
Edwards, Elisha Franklin
   Edwards, Edward Erwin
   Edwards, James Peas
   Edwards, Harrison Martin

#Egan, Howard
   Egan, Tamson Parshley (1)
   Egan, Howard Ranson
   Egan, Richard Erastus
Egan, Charles John (Died in Nauvoo)
   Egan, Horace Adelbert
   Egan, Nancy Ann Redden
   Egan, Helen Jeanette
# Foster, Solon
   Foster, Sarah Downing
Foster, Frank
   Foster, William Riter
Foster, Elizabeth
   Foster, Charles Franklin
   Foster, Orson Hyde
  Gheen, William Atkins (Died in Nauvoo)
# Gheen, Ester (Widow) (45)
   Gheen, Ann A. (19)
   Gheen, Amanda (17)
   Gheen, Mary A. (14)
   Gheen, Stephen (12)
   Gheen, Levi (7)
   Gheen, Sarah (2)
#Golden, Christeen (Lives with the Melinda Miller family)
#Grant, Jedediah Morgan (Grant, Jedediah)
   Grant, Caroline Van Dyke
   Grant, Caroline
   Grant, Margaret S.
Greene, John Portineus (Died in Nauvoo)
#Greene, Mary Eliza (widow) (34)
   Greene, Mary Emma (4)
# Harris, McGee
   Harris, Mary "Polly" Givens
  Harris, Sarah Johnson
   Harris, Margaret Jane
   Harris, Martha Givens
   Harris, Alexander
   Harris, William
   Harris, Mary Ann
   Harris, Eli
   Harris, Emily Caroline
# Hay, William
   Hay, Catharine M.
   Hess, Peter M.
# Hess, Mary (Lives with the Melinda Miller family) (56)
   Hess, Amanda A.
#Hovey, Allen Orlando Dana (Hovey, Orlandi)
   Hovey, Abigail Davis
   Hovey, Abigail Adelaide
Hovey, Lucy Ann (Died in Nauvoo)
   Hovey, Anna Elizabeth (Died in Nauvoo)
   Hovey, Susan Francis (Died in Nauvoo)
   Hovey, Anabella Davis
#Lamb, Benjamin Rush (Lee, Benjamin R.)
   Lamb, Elizabeth DuBois
   Lamb, John Isaac
   Lamb, Robert P,
   Lamb, Benjamin Rush
   Lamb, Elizabeth

#Lee, John Doyle (Lee, John D.)
   Lee, Nancy Ann (1)
   Lee, Hannah
   Lee, Nancy Ann Vance (2)
   Lee, Hannah
   Lee, Agatha Ann (3)
Lee, William Oliver
   Lee, Elizabeth Adeline
   Lee, Sarah Jane
   Lee, John Alma
   Lee, Mary Adeline
   Lee, Joseph Hyrum
   Lee, John Heber
   Lee, Nancy Bean (4)
   Lee, Cornelia Decker

# Leonard, Lyman
   Leonard, Abigail Burlington Calkins
   Leonard, Lucy Jane
   Leonard, Moses Calkins

   Lowe, John (died in Nauvoo)
# Lowe, Lois Alexander (widow) (30) (Sow, Lois A.)
   Lowe, John Olscar (2) (Sow, John O.)
# Lutz, Albert Ellis (Lutz, Albert)
   Lutz, Susannah  Z. Dubois
   Lutz, Thomas Jefferson
   Lutz, William Wharton
   Lutz, Alma

   Lutz, Nathan Kimball
   Lutz, Elizabeth
   Lutz, Susanna
# McGinness, Benjamin (Maginnis, Benjamin)
   McGinness, Sarah Johnston (1)
   McGinness, Ann Elizabeth
   McGinness, John Franklin
   McGinness, Mary Jane
   McGinness, Samuel
   McGinness, William Harvey
   McGinness, Johnston
   McGinness, Joseph Brady
   McGinness, Benjamin Jr.
   McGinness, Sarah Elizabeth
McGinness, Lorenzo Snow (Died in Nauvoo)
   McGinness, Margaret Ann
   McGinness, Mercy Ann Brooks Mace (2)
# Markham, Henry Coy (Markham, Henry)
   Markham, Hannah J. Remington
# Markham, Stephen Avon (Markham, Stephen)
   Markham, Hannah Hogaboon
   Markham, Warren
Markham, Diana Mary (Died in Nauvoo)
   Markham, William Whiting
   Markham, David
   Markham, Louisa
   Markham, Edgar
# Miller, Melinda (Widow) 24
   Miller, George (5)
   Miller, Edward J. (4)
# Moore, Samuel
   Moore, Eunice Sibley Bliss
Moore, Ann
   Moore, Sophronia C.
   Moore, Stephen Bliss
   Moore, Harriet
Moore, Russell
   Moore, Berniece
# Morse, Mary Vaile (Morse, Mary V.) (widow) (36)
#Pace, William Franklin (Pace, William)
   Pace, Margaret Elizabeth Nichols
Pace, James Byron
   Pace, Wilson Daniel
   Pace, Harvey Alexander
   Pace, William Franklin
Pace, Granville Madison
   Pace, John Alma Lawrence
Pace, Joseph Arlington Randolph
# Pack, John
   Pack, Julia Ives
   Pack, Ward Eaton
   Pack, Lucy Amelia
   Pack, George Caleb
   Pack, John, Jr.
Pack, Julia (Died in Nauvoo)
   Pack, Don Carlos
# Perry, John
   Perry, Grace Ann Williams

   Perry, James
   Perry, Elizabeth
   Perry, Grace
   Perry, Eliza Ann
  Perry, Thomas
   Perry, Alice
   Perry, William
   Perry, Elizabeth Melissa
Perry, John
# Pitt, William
   Pitt, Caroline Smith (1)
   Pitt, Moroni William
   Pitt, Cornelia Melvina Devine (2)
   Pitt, Cornelia Melvina
   Pitt, William Heber
# Pomeroy, Francis Martin (Pomroy, Francis)
   Pomeroy, Irene Ursula Haskell
   Pomeroy, Francelle Eugenia
# Reese, Ruth Amelia (Reese, Ruth) (Lives with Catharine Clawson family) (30)
# Richards, Levi
   Richards, Sarah Griffith (1)
   Richards, Levi Willard
Richards, Persis Goodall Young
# Richards, Willard
Richards, Jennetta Richards (1) (Died in Las Vegas)
   Richards, Heber John
   Richards, Heber John
   Richards, Rhoda Ann Jennetta
   Richard, Sarah Longstroth (2)
   Richards, Willard Brigham
   Richards, Nanny Longstroth (3)
# Rogers, Russell Heber (Rogers, Russell)
   Rogers, Lydia Ann Trumble
   Rogers, Joseph Heber
# Sanders, Ellis Mendenhall (Sanders, Ellis M.)
   Sanders, Rachel Broome Roberts
   Sanders, Anne
   Sanders, Elizabeth Roberts
   Sanders, Hannah Mendenhall
   Sanders, Rachel Ellen
   Sanders, Sarah Jane
   Sanders, Ellis Mendenhall
   Sanders, Ellen C.
# Thurston, Moses
   Thurston, Lucy Jane Leonard
Twiss, John Sanderson
# Twiss, Naamah Kendall Jenkens Carter (Twiss/Tuiss, Naamah) (Widow) (25)
# Wallace, George Benjamin (Wallace, George B.)

   Wallace, Melissa Melvina King
   Wallace, Mary Melissa

# Wilcox, Eli Walter (Wilcox, Walter)
   Wilcox, Maria Wealthy Richards
   Wilcox, Cynthia Maria
# Woodward, George

   Woodward, Thomazin Downing
# Woodward, James Boyd (Woodward, James B.)
   Woodward, Mary Ellen de la Montaigne
   Woodward, Raymond de la Montaigne
   Woodward, William de la Montaigne
   Woodward, Josephine de la Montaigne
   Woodward, Margaret Louisa de la Montaigne

# Woolley, Edwin Dilworth (Woolley, Edwin)
   Woolley, Mary Wickersham (1)
   Woolley, John Wickersham
   Woolley, Franklin Benjamin
   Woolley, Rachel Emma
   Woolley, Samuel Wickersham
   Woolley, Henrietta
   Woolley, Edwin Dilworth Jr.

   Woolley, Ellen Wilding (2)
   Woolley, Sarah
   Woolley, Louis Chapin Gordon Rising (3)
   Woolley, Edwin Gordon

# Wright, Jefferson
   Wright, Sarah Elizabeth Angell 

Residents in the Mormon Battalion

Callahan, Thomas W. (Private, Company B)
Casto, James Carlton (Private, Company D)



*Click on the grave number to see a map of the Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery

Brown, Emily Jane
Grave #160
Bullock, Willard Richards
Grave #104
Callahan, Lyman (Caleyhan, Lyman)
Cutler's Park #39
Carpenter, Abigail
Cutler's Park #9
Carpenter, Samuel E.
Cutler's Park #12
Clayton, James Grave #271
Edwards, Maria Elizabeth
Grave #166
Hess, Amanda A.
Grave #210
Hovey, Annabella Davis
Grave #288
Lamb, Robert P.
Grave #9
Lutz, Nathan Kimball
Grave #28
Pitts, Cornelia M.
Grave #137

Information taken from Jensen, Carlyle B. and Gail Geo. Holmes, A “Grave” Experience at the Mormon Pioneer Winter Quarters Cemetery, October 1999.

Others that died indicated by family records:

Casto, Harriet Thompson
Died 1847 in Carterville
Pack, Julia 30 Aug 1846 in Carterville?