Statistics of the Winter Quarters Fifteenth Ward

All family members of the head of the household living within the Ward boundaries are listed prior to their departure West or through 1853, whichever occurred first. Some of these children may have been married or died and were not living with the family when the Ward census was taken. The Winter Quarters wards were only in place from 1846-1848, at which time the government required the Latter-day Saints, who were on Indian lands, to move back to the east side of the Missouri River.

To view the residents the Winter Quarters Fifteenth Ward Residential Area, click here: WARD 15

Bishop: Isaac Clark
Counselor: Jacob G. Bigler (12/17/1846-3/24/1848)
Counselor: Phyny Fisher (12/17/1846-9/11/1847)
Counselor: Josiah W. Fleming (9/11/1847)
Counselor Pro Tem: Luman H. Calkins (2/18/1848)
Counselor Pro Tem: Elisha H. Groves (3/8/1848)
Counselor Pro Tem: Abraham Hogland
Counselor Pro Tem: Warner Porter
Counselor Pro Tem: William Pratt
Counselor Pro Tem: William Smith
Counselor Pro Tem: James Whitehead
Counselor Pro Tem: Jonathan C. Wright
Clerk: Alfred B. Lambson

Number of members: 111 as of 31 December 1846

# Indicates members of the ward as listed by “Winter Quarter Wards Index to Membership Lists: 1846-1848”.
( ) indicates spelling, if different.

The term "widow" does not necessarily mean the husband has died.  It just means that the woman is living alone.

Those members in "bold type" are most likely the ones in the current family

Multiple wives are indicated by ( ) after the name.


#Alger, Samuel (Alden, Samuel)
Alger, Clarissa Hancock
Alger, Eli Ward
Alger, Samuel
Alger, Amy Saphony
Alger, Fanny
Alger, Amy Saphony
Alger, John
Alger, Alva
Alger, Samuel H.
Alger, Thomas
Alger, Clarissa
#Allen, Daniel
Allen, Mary Ann Morris (1) (died 1846)
Allen, Louisa Jane Berry (2)
Allen, John Albert
Allen, Cynthia Elizabeth
#Allred, William Moore (Alred, William M.)
Allred, Orissa Angelia Bates
Allred, William Lansing
Allred, Mary Adalin
Allred, Byron Harvey
Allred, Marvin Edelbert
Allred, Amelia Lorinda
#Ames, Ira V. (Amos)
Ames, Charity Carter (1)
Ames, Clarissa
Ames, Rebecca Carter
Ames, Clark Carter
Ames, Ira Jim
Ames Daniel Carter
Ames, Sarah Johnston (2)
Ames, Samuel
Ames, Ithamer
Ames, Hannah
#Amy, Dustin
Amy, Leanoria Scott (1)
Amy, Leanoria
Amy, Royal Dustin
Amy, Frances
Amy, Susannah
Amy, Mary Angeline
Amy, Sarah C.
Amy, Levira C. Smith (2)
Amy, Alexander
Amy, Oscar
#Anderson, Buckley Burnham (Anderson)
Anderson, Sally Maria Cutler
Anderson, Elvira
Anderson, Zina Jerusha Diantha
Anderson, Jedidiah Richmond
Anderson, Adney A. C.
Anderson, Richard Blakely
#Austin, William (Austain, William)
Austin, Agnes Nicol
#Avery, Thomas
Avery, Lydia Harrington
Avery, Julia Viola
#Barnard, John Porter (Barnard, John)
Barnard, Eliza Ann Wycoff
Barnard, Ransom
Barnard, John Porter
Barnard, Ezra Jacob Wyckoff
Barnard, Mary Louise
Barnard, Mormon Lachoneus
Barnard, Caroline Harriet
Barnard, Hyrum Smith
Barnard, Lymon Stoddard
#Bartholomew, Noah Willis (Bartholomew, Noah W.)
Bartholomew, Miranda Catlin (1)
Bartholomew, Emily
Bartholomew, George W.
Bartholomew, Lewis Leroy
Bartholomew, Nelson
Bartholomew, Lyman
Bartholomew, Miranda
Bartholomew, Mary Altana Catlin (2)
#Bartholomew, (Bartholomew, Sister)
#Bartholomew, Willis (Bartholomew, Willis)
#Bartlett, Milton Fisher (Bartlett, Milton)
#Bates, Ormus Ephraim (Bates, Ormus E.)
Bates, Phoebe Mariah Matteson
Bates, Orson Parley
Bates, Erin Lafayette
Bates, Laverne Emmerette
Bates, Mary Elizabeth
Bates, Ormus Elias
Bates, Orissa Mariah
Bates, Arlin Henry
#Bosley, Edmund (Bausley, E.)
Bosley, Ann Kelley
Bosley, William
Bosley Daniel B.
Bosley, Female (died infancy)
Bosley, Male (died infancy)
Bosley, William Bull
#Bigler, Jacob G.
Bigler, Amy Lorette (1)
Bigler, Armelia Caroline Mangum (2)
Bigler, David George
Bigler, Jacob
#Bigler, Susannah Ogden
Bigler, Melissa Jane
Bigler, Bathsheba W.
#Boyce, Peter (Boice, Peter)
#Brailey, Jesse Charles (Braley/Brailey, Jesse C., Dr.)
Brailey, Sarah Frazier
Brailey, Elijah
#Brimhall, Ann
#Busenbark, Isaac (Bosenbark, Isaac)
Busenbark, Abigail Manning
Busenbark, Sarah Jane
Busenbark, Louisa
Busenbark, Mary
Busenbark, Henry Daniel
Busenbark, Harriet
Busenbark, Margaret Alice
Busenbark, Lucinda
Busenbark, Elizabeth
Busenbark, Martha
Busenbark, William I.
Busenbark, Annie Eliza
Busenbark, Isaac
#Brown, Benjamin (Brown, B.)
Brown, Mary Ann Barker
Brown, Samuel
#Butler, John Lowe I. (Butler, John L.)
Butler, Caroline Farozine Skeen
Butler, Kenion Taylor
Butler, Willliam Alexander
Butler, Charity Artemesia
Butler, Keziah Jane
Butler, Phoebe Melinda
Butler, Caroline Elizabeth
Butler, Sarah Adeline
Butler, John Lowe
Butler, James
Butler, Lucy Ann
Butler, Thomas
#Calkins, Luman Hopkins (Calkins, Luman H.)
Calkins, Mahitable Cox
Calkins, Luman Israel
#Callister, Thomas (Calister, Thomas)
Callister, Caroline Clara Smith (1)
Callister, Thomas
Callister, Helen Marr (2)
Callister, Helen Marr
Canfield, Cyrus Culver (Serving in Company D of the Mormon Battalion)
#Canfield, Jane Louisa Jones (1) (Canfield, Louisa)
Canfield, Clarissa Lora Jones (2)
Canfield, Myron
Canfield, Laura Albina Allen (3)
#Cannon, Hyrum (Cannon, Hiram)
Cannon, Mary Horne
#Catlin, George Washington (Catlin, George W.) (Serving in Company C of the Mormon Battalion)
Catlin, Elizabeth Marilla Emery
Catlin, Sarah Altana
Catlin, Elizabeth Marilla
#Catlin, Mary Altana (Catlin, Mary) (will marry Noah Willis Bartholomew)
#Catlin, Samuel Curtis (Catlin, Samuel W.)
Catlin, Sarah Perry
Catlin, Miranda
#Chapman, Welcome (Chapman, Charles)
Chapman, Susan Amelia Risley
Chapman, Almina J.
Chapman, Chestina
Chapman, Rosette Anise
Chapman, Amelia
Chapman, Joseph Smith
Chapman, Hyrum
Chapman, Benjamin
Chapman, Levi
Chapman, Fidelia
#Clapp, Benjamin Lynn
Clapp, Mary Rachael Shultz (1)
Clapp, Benjamin
Clapp, Elvira Randall (2)
#Clark, Isaac
Clark, Mary Lemmons
#Cleveland, Henry Alanson (Cleaveland, Henry A.)
Cleveland, Ann Slade
Cleveland, Henry Rogers
Cleveland, George William
Cleveland, Antoinette
#Cloward, Jacob, Jr.
#Cloward, Jacob, Sr.
Cloward, Catherine Ann Pluck
Cloward, Charlotte R.
Cloward, Catherine Ann
Cloward, Daniel Henry
Cloward, William
Cloward, Thomas Poulson
Cloward, James Mason
Cloward, Albert Wilson
Cloward, Hannah Jane
Cloward, Eliza Ann
#Covert, William
Covert, Mary Cortright (Cartwright)
Covert John
Covert, William
Covert, Evert
Covert, Calista
Covert, Susan
Covert, Timothy
Covert, Smith
Covert, Emma
Covert, Alma
Covert, Leonard
#Cunningham, Sarah Seeley (Cunningham, Sarah)
Davis, George Sterling (Serving in Company D of the Mormon Battalion)
#Davis Maria Shumaker (Davis, Maria O.)
#Dayton, Hyrum (Daton, Hiram)
Dayton, Permelia Bundy (1)
Dayton, Hiram Miles
Dayton, Permilia Mindwell
Dayton, Nancy Bascom
Dayton, Ann Harrington
Dayton, Lysander
Dayton, Myriah
Dayton, Moses Bundy
Dayton, William Wallace
Dayton, Moroni
Dayton, Louisa
Dayton, Lauvura Myril
Dayton, Sophia Lance (2)
Dayton, Alma Theodore
Dayton, Nancy Lance (3)
Dayton, Albert Friend
Dayton, Mary Lance (4)
#DeForest, Josiah Lobdel (DeForest, Josiah L.)
DeForest, Mary Collins
#DeLong, Henry Peter (Delony, Peter Henry)
#Dew, Thomas
Dew, Rebecca Stag
#Dudley, Oliver Hunt (Dudley, Oliver H.)
Dudley, Mary Ann Robinson (1)
Dudley, Mary Ann
Dudley, Susan Jane Katherine
Dudley, Oliver Noah
Dudley, Brigham Simeon
Dudley, Charles H.
Dudley, Joseph Smith
Dudley, Hyrum Smith
Dudley, Hannah Pullen (2)
#Ensign, Horace Datus (Ensign)
Ensign, Mary Bronson
Ensign, Horace Datus
Ensign, Luman Ashley
Ensign, John Calvin
Ensign, Martin Luther
Ensign, Rufus Bronson
Ensign, Elijah
Ensign, Lydia Esther
#Everett, Addison (Everett, A.)
Everett, Eliza Ann Elting (1)
Everett, Ann Eliza Adelaide
Everett, Schuyler
Everett, Orpha Mariah Redfield (2)
Everett, Mary D.
Fairbanks, Joseph W.
Fairbanks, Mary or Polly Brooks
Fairbanks, Joseph Brooks
Fairbanks, Maria
Fairbanks, Jonathan Wilder
Fairbanks, William David
Fairbanks, Mary Ann
Fairbanks, Nathan
Fairbanks, Sally
Fairbanks, John Boylston
Fairbanks, Harriet
#Fairbanks, Silas Church (Fairbanks, S.) (probably head of household after Joseph W. died)
Fairbanks, Artimus Howe
Fairbanks, Nathaniel
Fairbanks, Henry
Fellows, Albert Gallatin
Fellows, Sally Maria Hanford (died in 1845)
Fellows, William Harlow
Fellows, Hiram Wallace
Fellows, Mary Ellen
Fellows, Emily Louisa
#Fellows, Amelia Mariah (Fellows, Maria)
Fellows, Phoebe Louisa
#Fisher, Pliny (Fisher, Plyny)
Fisher, Sarah (Sally) Cook (1)
Fisher, Pliny
Fisher, Edmond
Fisher, Rufus
Fisher, Hannah Calkins (2)
#Flake, James Madison (Flake)
Flake, Agnes Hailey Love
Flake, William Jordan
Flake, Charles Love
Flake, Thomas
Flake, Richmond
Flake, Samuel
Flake, Frederick
Flake, Sarah James
#Fleming, Isaac Newton (Fleming, Isiah)
Fleming, Amelia
#Fleming, Josiah Wolcott (Fleming, Josiah)
Fleming Nancy Bigler
Fleming, Sarah Ann
Fleming, Thaddeus Ellis
#Forbush, Rufus, Jr.
Forbush, Sarah Louisa Mary Beckstead
Forbush, Louisa Marie
Forbush, Loren Ezra
Forbush, Rufus Francis
Forbush, Hyrum Henry
#Forbush, Rufus, Sr.
Forbush, Susanna (Polly) Clark
Forbush, Hiram
Forbush, Jonathan
Forbush, Polly
Forbush, Elmedia
Forbush, Susanna
Forbush, Sanford
Forbush, Lorana
Forbush, Lorin
Forbush, Lydia
#Furniss, James Elliott (Furnace, James E.)
Furniss, Elizabeth Geiger
Furniss, Ellen
#Gates, Hiram
Gates, Sarah Mariah Sayles (1)
Gates, Polly Mayo (2)
#Gibbons, Sarah
#Gifford, Henry Dill (Gifford, Henry)
Gifford, Almira Ann Braffett
Gifford, Anna Amanda
Gifford, Henry Alpheus
#Good, George B.
#Green, Harvey
Green, Sally Ann Pickard (1)
Green, Henry Sheldon
Green, Ammon
Green, Child
Green, Child
Green, Jane Ann Rich (2)
Green, Mary Ann
Green, Nancy Jane
Green, Celestia Artemesia
Green, Joseph Harvey
#Groves, Elisha Hurd (Groves, Elisha H.)
Goves, Sarah Houge (1) (divorced)
Groves, Lucy Simmons (2)
Groves, Mary Leah
Groves, John Simmons
Groves, Samuel Elisha
Groves, Patience Sibyle
Groves, Sarah Matilda
Groves, Lucy Maria
#Haight, David Bateman (Hate, Bateman)
Haight, Clarissa Richmyer (Buckmyre)
Haight, Frances Jane
Haight, Isaac Chauncey
Haight, Julia Ann
Haight, Temperance Keturah
Haight, Mary Elenora
Haight, Martha Adelia
Haight, Anna Hollaaday
Haight, David Bateman
#Hardy, Eliza Ann Philbrook (Hardy, Eliza)
#Hartwell, Elliott
Hartwell, Hortense Rogers
Hartwell, Helena Geraldina
Hartwell, Geneva Ann
#Hatch, Ira Stearns (Hach, Ira S.)
Hatch, Wealtha Bradford
Hatch, Meltiar
Hatch, Ranson Osborn
Hatch, Orin
Hatch, Rhoana
Hatch, Ira S.
Hatch, Ephraim
Hatch, Ancil
#Henricks, James (Hendrix, James)
Henricks, Drusilla Dorris
Henricks, Elizabeth Mahala
Henricks, William Dorris
Henricks, Rebecca
Henricks, Catherine Tabitha
Henricks, Joseph Smith
#Hewitt, Wilkinson (Hewet, Wilkinson)
Hewitt, Sarah Ann Robinson
#Higbee, Isaac (Higbe, I.)
Higbee, Keziah String (1)
Higbee, Josiah
Higbee, Mary Keziah
Higbee, Somers
Higbee, Amanda Melvina
Higbee, Hannah
Higbee, Joseph
Higbee, Alma
Higbee, Emma
Higbee, Margaret Keziah
Higbee, Lucy Ann
Higbee, Charlotte Woods (Carter) (1)
Higbee, Don Carlos
Higbee, Minerva Melinda
Higbee, Hyrum Carson
#Hoaglund, Abraham Elias Lucas (Hogland/Hoglin, Abraham)
Hoaglund, Margaret Quick (1)
Hoaglund, Lucas
Hoaglund, Mary
Hoaglund, Peter
Hoaglund, John
Hoaglund, Elizabeth
Hoaglund, Emily
Hoaglund, Cornelia
Hoaglund, Agnes Taylor (2)
#Hulse, Lewis (Hulse, Lewis/Louis) (Was mustered into Company C of the Mormon Battalion but died before he could march with them)
#Hunter, Edward
Hunter, Martha Ann Whitesides
Hunter, Sarah Ann
#Hutchings, William Willard (Hutching, William)
Hutchings, Ruth Chilson Chase
Hutchings, Sarah Ann
Hutchings, Emeline Jane
#Jacobs, Udney Hay (Jacobs, Udney, H.)
Jacobs, Elizabeth Hubbard
Jacobs, Norton
Jacobs, Jason Kellogg
Jacobs, Prosper
Jacobs, Stephen
Jacobs, Elisha P.
Jacobs, Eliza Ann
Jacobs, Mary Jane
#Knight, Joseph
Knight, Betsey Covert
Knight, Martha Ann
Knight, Mary Elizabeth
Knight, Rhoda Caroline
Knight, Joseph James
Knight, Orpha Floilla
Knight, Ellen Rebecca
#Lambson, Alfred Boaz (Lambson, Alfred B.)
Lambson, Melissa Jane Bigler
Lambson, Melissa Jane
#Lambson, Benjamin
#Lambson, Jesse
Lambson, Ruth Newell
#Langley, George Washington (Langley, George W.)
Langley, Martha McKinney Frost Akes (1)
Langley, Martha McKinney
Langley, Mary Turner (2)
Langley, Elsie
Langley, Mary Jane
Langley, George Albert
#Lyman, Asa
Lyman, Rhoda Young
#Lyman, George (Lyman George L.)
Lyman, Rhoda Gifford
Lyman, Sarah Elizabeth
#Major, William Warner (Major, William W.)
Major, Sarah Coles
Major, William Warren
Major, Henry
Major, Enoch Elsman
Major, Fannie
Major, Joseph Smith
#Markham, Stephen
Markham, Hannah Hogaboom
Markham, Warren
Markham, Dinah
Markham, William Whiting
Markham, David
#McCausland, Jesse (Causlin, Jesse M.)
McCausland, Tempy Durham
McCausland, Louisa
McCausland, Martha
#McCausland, Younger (McCaurton, Younger)
McCausland, Lydia Garner
McCausland, Mahala
McCausland, Jesse
McCausland, Ann
McCausland, Susannah
McCausland, John
McCausland, Sally
McCausland, Eliza Jane
McCausland, Nancy Carolyn
McCausland, Minerva America
McCausland, Younger
McCausland, Lydia
#McCullough, Levi Hamilton (McCullough, Levi) (Serving in Company C of the Mormon Battalion)
McCullough, Clarinda Altania Bartholomew (McCullough, Sister)
McCullough, Julia Frances
#McCullough, Eliza Esther (McCullough, Emily)
#McCullough, Henry Judson (McCullough, Henry)
#McCullough, Emily Jerusha (McCullough, Jerusha)
#McGinness, Benjamin (McGinnis, Benjamin)
McGinness, Sarah Johnston
McGinness, Ann Elizabeth
McGinness, John Franklin
McGinness, Mary Jane
McGinness, Samuel
McGinness, William Harvey
McGinness, Johnston
McGinness, Joseph Bready
McGinness, Benjamin
McGinness, Sarah Elizabeth
McGinness, Lorenzo Snow
McGinness, Margaret Ann
#Meeks, William
Meeks, Mary Elizabeth Rhodes
Meeks, Harvey Henry
Meeks, Henry Rhodes
Meeks, Mary Elizabeth
Meeks, Mary Ann
Meeks, William
Meeks, Joseph Brigham
Meeks, Mary Jane
#Mendy, Alexander
#Miles, Noah
Miles, Rachel Sumner
#Miller, Daniel Arnold (Miller, Bishop)
Miller, Clarissa Pond (1)
Miller, Lovisa
Miller, Jacob
Miller, James Thadeas
Miller, Susan Hulda
Miller, Clarrisa Jane
Miller, Daniel Arnold
Miller, Hannah Bigler (2)
Miller, Isabelle Clarinda
Miller, Joseph Smith
#Mudge, C. C.
#Murdock, Hiram
Murdock, Rachel Rozilla Kelsey
#Phelps, Margaret Robinson (Phelps, Margarette)
Phelps, Juliett Ann
Phelps, Walter Alva
Phelps, Mary Lovina
#Philensio (girl)
#Porter, Chauncy Warriner (Porter, Warner)
Porter, Emma (Amy) Sumner
Porter, Alma
Porter, Malinda Ann
Porter, William
Porter, Sarah Angeline
Porter, Nancy Aretta
Porter, Hyrum Smith
Porter, Joseph
Porter, Benjamin
#Powers, William M.
Powers, Mary
#Pratt, Anson
Pratt, Sarah (Sally) Barber (1)
Pratt, Mary Ann
Pratt, Sariah
Pratt, Jane Elizabeth
Pratt, Joseph Anson
Pratt, Caroline Amelia
Pratt, Sarah Ann Walleigh (2)
Pratt, John Wesley
Pratt, Lucy Ann Lord (3)
#Pratt, Orson
Pratt, Sarah Marinda Bates
Pratt, Orson
Pratt, Lydia
Pratt, Celestia Larissa
Pratt, Sarah Marinda
Pratt, Vanson
Pratt, Laron
#Randall, Alfred Jason (Randall, Alfred)
Randall, Emmerette Louise Davis (1)
Randall, Charles Franklin
Randall, Sarah Lovern
Randall, Alfred Jason
Randall, Margaret Harley (2)
#Remington, Jerome Napoleon (Hamington, Jerome; Ramington, Jerome)
Remington, Lydia Ripley Badger
Remington, Earnest Badger
#Rice, William Kelsey (Rice, William K.)
Rice, Lucy Witter Geer
Rice, Ellen Mariah
#Richards, Phineas Howe (Richards, Phineas)
Richards, Wealthy Dewey
Richards, Abraham
Richards, Moses
Richards, Betsey
Richards, Franklin Dewey
Richards, George Spencer
Richards, Samuel Whitney
Richards, Maria Wealthy Richards
Richards, Joseph William
Richards, Henry Phineas
#Ripley, Alanson (Ripley, Elancen)
Ripley, Sarah Finkle
Ripley, Milo
Ripley, Sarah
Ripley, Adeline
Ripley, Alanson
Robins, Louis
#Robins, Mary Jane
Robins, Sariah
Robins, Lewis
#Robinson, John (Robinson, John R.)
Robinson, Abigail Parsons
Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, William James
Robinson, Niven
Robinson, Benjamin
Robinson, Cyrus
Robinson, Evelina Parsons
Robinson, John
Robinson, Sarah Abigail
Robinson, Isaac Parson
Robinson, Lawrence
#Rogers, Russell (Roger, Russel)
Rogers, Lydia Ann Trumble
Rogers, Joseph Heber
Rogers, Charles Noah
#Roundy, Shadrach (Roundy, L.)
Roundy, Betsey Quimby
#Scott, John
Scott, Elizabeth Menerey (1)
Scott, Isaac
Scott, Matilda
Scott, Louisa
Scott, Ephraim
Scott, John William
Scott, Elizabeth Ann
Scott, Mary Pugh (2)
Scott, Hyrum
Scott, Sarah Ann Willis (3)
Scott, Joseph Lemuel
#Sears, William (Sears, Brother)
Sears, Margaret Stanley
Sears, Alfred
#Simmons, Leven
Simmons, Harriet Bradford
Simmons, George Washington
Simmons, Samuel
Simmons, Sarah Jane
Simmons, Johnathan
Simmons, Eliza Hannah
Simmons, Leven
Simmons, Matthew
Simmons, Levi
#Smith, Ann
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, John
Smith, Emma
#Smith, George Albert (Smith, George A.)
Smith, Lucy Meserve Smith (1)
Smith, Don Carlos
Smith, Nancy Clements (Clemmond) (2)
Smith, Nancy Adelia
Smith, Bathsheba W. Bigler (3)
Smith George Albert
Smith, Bathsheba
Smith, John
Smith, Sarah Ann Libby (4)
Smith, John Henry
Smith Hannah Maria Libby (5)
Smith, Charles Warren
Smith, Zilpha Stark (6)
Smith, Zilpha Adelade
#Smith, John Lyman (Smith John L.)
Smith, Augusta Bowen Cleveland
#Smith, John (Smith, John, Sr.)
Smith, Clarissa Lyman
Smith, Caroline Clara
#Smith, Mary Fielding (Smith, Mary)
Smith, Joseph Fielding
Smith, Martha Ann
#Smith, William
Smith, Jane Rawlings
Smith, William
Smith, Joseph Rawlings
Smith, Thomas Rawlings
Smith, Sarah Jane
#Spiers, Thomas (Spears, Thomas)
Spiers, Mary Cochran
Spiers, Mary
Spiers, Adam
Spiers, George
Spiers, Orson
Spiers, William Harrison
#Sprague, Samuel Lindsey (Sprage, Samuel)
Sprague, Mary Warner
Sprague, Samuel Lindsey
#Stewart, M. Levi (Stewart, Levi)
Stewart, Melinda Howard
Stewart, Elizabeth Jane
Stewart, Melinda Elvira
Stewart, Joseph Abram
Stewart, John Riley
Stewart, Emma
Stewart, Louisa
Stewart, Levi Howard
#Stout, Hosea
Stout, Louisa Bome Taylor
Stout, Lydia Sarah
Stout, William Hosea
Stout, Hyrum
Stout, Louisa
Stout, Elizabeth Ann
Stout, Samantha Peck
Stout, Lucretia Fisher
Stout, Marinda Bennett
Taggart, George Washington (Serving as a musician in Company B of the Mormon Battalion)
#Taggart, Fanny Parks (Taggert, Fanny)
Taggart, Harriet Maria
Taggart, George Henry
Taggart, Charles Wallace
Taggart, Eliza Ann (child of Harriet Atkins Bruce who died in Nauvoo)
#Tanner, John Joshua (Tanner, John)
Tanner, Rebecca Archibald Smith
Tanner, Lydia
Tanner, William Smith
Tanner, Marquis De Lafayette
Tanner, Edward Orlando
Tanner, Cynthia Maria
Tanner, John Henry
Tanner, Edwin
Tanner, Elsie
#Turley, Theodore
Turley, Frances Amelia Kimberley (1)
Turley, Theodore
Turley, Frances Amelia
Turley, Mary Ann
Turley, Priscilla Rebecca
Turley, Frederick
Turley, Obia
Turley, Sarah Elizabeth
Turley, Isaac
Turley, Charlotte
Turley, Jonathan
Turley, Mary Clift (2)
Turley, Jason
Turley, Ephraim
Turley, Theodoreus
Turley, Eliza Clift (3)
Turley, Henrietta
Turley, Emma
Turley, Sarah Ellen Clift (4)
Turley, Joseph Smith
Turley, Hyrum Smith
#Turner, Chauncey (Turner, Henry)
Turner, Hanna Redfield
Turner, Charles
Turner, Mary Ann
Turner, John Wesley
Turner, Harriet Maria
Turner, Julia Ann
Turner, Henry Moroni
#Vance, Isaac Young (Vance, I.)
Vance, Martha Eleanor Yeager
Vance, Sarah Jane
Vance, Eleanor Mary
Vance, Mary Frances
Vance, John Alma
Van Wagoner, Halmagh Johannes (Vanwaggonin, John)
Van Wagoner, Mary Van Houten
#Van Wagoner, John Halmagh (probably became head of household when parents died)
Van Wagoner, Henry R.
Van Wagoner, Hannah
Van Wagoner, Harriet
Van Wagoner, Sarah H.
#Wallace, George Benjamin (Wallace/Wallice)
Wallace, Mary Critchett McMurphy (1)
Wallace, Emma A.
Wallace, James B.
Wallace Sarah Ellen
Wallace, Melissa Melvina King (Crowell) (2)
#Ward, Nahum
Ward, Sally Stone
#Watterson, William (Waterson, William)
Watterson, Mary Colvin
Watterson, Margaret Alice
Watterson, Catharine
Watterson, William
Watterson, Joseph
#West, Ira Enos (West, Iree E.)
West, Charlotte Amelia Van Orden
West, Julia Ann
#Whitehead, James
Whitehead, Mary Scholes
Whitehead, John
Whitehead, Betty
Whitehead, Edmund
Whitehead, Elijah
Whitehead, George
Whitehead, James
Whitehead, Joseph
Whitehead, William
#Whitney, Henrietta Keyes (Whitney, Henriet)
Whitney, Don Carlos
Whitney, Samuel
#Whitney, Newell Kimball (Whitney, Newel K.)
Whitney, Elizabeth Ann Smith (1)
Whitney, Horace Kimball
Whitney, Sarah Ann
Whitney, Moudalina
Whitney, Franklin Kimball
Whitney Mary Elizabeth
Whitney, Orson Kimball
Whitney, John Kimball
Whitney, Joshua Kimball
Whitney, Anna Maria
Whitney, Don Carlos
Whitney, Mary Jane
Whitney, Newell Melchizedek
Whitney, Anne Houston (2)
Whitney, Jethro Houston
Whitney, Emmeline Blanche Woodward (3)
#Williams, Norman S.
Williams, Nancy Ledbetter
#Woodruff, Wilford (Woodrough/Woodruff)
Woodruff, Phoebe Whittemore Carter (1)
Woodruff, Sarah Emma
Woodruff, Wilford
Woodruff, Phoebe Amelia
Woodruff, Susan Cornelia
Woodruff, Joseph Carter
Woodruff, Ezra Carter
Woodruff, Sarah Carter
Woodruff, Mary Ann Jackson (2)
#Woolley, Edwin Dilworth (Wooley, E. D.)
Woolley, Mary Wickersham (1)
Woolley, John Wickersham
Woolley, Franklin Benjamin
Woolley, Rachel Emma
Woolley, Samuel Wickersham
Woolley, Henrietta
Woolley, Edwin Dilworth
Woolley, Mary Louisa
Woolley, Louisa Chapin Gordon (2)
Woolley, Sarah
Woolley, Ellen Wilding (3)
#Worley, Kleber (Walley, Heber)
Worley, Ann Eliza Nodine
Worley, John Mansfield
Worley, Henry Louis
Worley, Baptiste K.
Worley, Joseph Hyrum
#Wright, Jonathan Calkins (Wright, Jonathan D.)
Wright, Rebecca Wheeler
Wright, Amos Russell
Wright, Henry Tyler
Wright, Virginia Ann Charlotte
Wright, King David Darwin
Wright, Hyrum
Wright, Enoch
Wright, Jonathan
Wright, Lyman Van
Wright, Sarah C. Boyce
#Young, Brigham
Young, Miriam Angeline Works (1)
Young, Elizabeth
Young, Vilate
Young, Mary Ann Angell (2)
Young, Joseph Angell
Young, Brigham
Young, Mary Ann
Young, Alice
Young, Eunice Caroline
Young, John Willard
Young, Lucy Ann Decker (3)
Young, Brigham Heber
Young, Harriett Elizabeth Cook (4)
Young, Oscar Brigham
Young, Clarissa Clara (5)
Young, Augusta Adams (6)
Young, Clarissa Ross (7)
Young, Mary Eliza
Young, Emily Dow Partridge (8)
Young, Edward Partridge
Young, Susan Snively (9)
Young, Louisa Beeman (10)
Young, Joseph
Young, Hyrum
Young, Emmeline Free (11)
Young, Ella Elizabeth
Young, Margaret Pierce (12)
Young, Maria Lawrence (13)
Young, Ellen Rockwood (14)
Young, Martha Bowker (15)
Young, Naamah Kendall Jenkins Carter (16)
Young, Zina Diantha Huntington (17)
Young, Margaret Maria Alley (18)
Young, Lucy Bigelow (19)
Young, Mary Jane Bigelow (20)

Residents in the Mormon Battalion
Canfield, Cyrus Culver (3rd Lieut., Company D)
Catlin, George Washington (Private, Company C)
Davis, George Sterling (Private, Company D)
Forbush, Lorin E. (Private, Company C)
Hendricks, William Dorris (Private, Company D)
Hoaglund, Lucas (Private, Company D)
Hunter, Edward (Private, Company B)
Hunter, William (Musician, Company B)
McCullough, Levi Hamilton (Private, Company C)
Taggart, George Washington (Musician, Company B)

Residents Who Died at Winter Quarters (44) (40% of members)

*Click on the grave number to see a map of the Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery

Anderson, Adney A. C. Grave #151
Barnard, Ransom not listed in
sexton’s records
Bigler, Susannah Grave #100
Bosley, Edmund not listed in
sexton’s records
Bosley, Ann not listed in
sexton’s records
Brailey, Elijah Grave #186
Busenbark, William I. Grave #292
Calkins, Luman Israel Grave #175
Callister, Thomas Grave #149
Canfield, Myron Grave #209
Dayton, Moses Bundy Grave #110
Ensign, Horace Cutler's Park #15
Fairbanks, Joseph W. Grave #89
Flake, Frederick Cutler's Park #47
Flake, Samuel B. Grave #114
Hatch, Abigail Grave #83
Knight, Orpha Grave #251
McCullough, Clarinda
Altania Bartholomew
Grave #171
McCullough, Emily Jerusha Grave #187
Porter, Emma (Amy) Grave #125
Porter, Benjamin Grave #38
Porter, Joseph Grave #38
Pratt, Vanson Grave #182
Smith, Don Carlos Grave #174
Smith, John Grave #124
Smith, Nancy Clements
Grave #118
Smith, Nancy Adelia Grave #138
Stout, Louisa Grave #192
Stout, Marinda Bennett Cutler's Park #13
Tanner, Cynthia Maria Grave #266
Turley, Frances Amelia Kimberley Grave #20
Turley, Hyrum Smith Grave #95
Turley, Princetta Grave #148
Turley, Sarah Ellen Clift Grave #148
Turley, Theodoreus
not listed in
sexton's records
Van Wagoner, Halmagh Johannes not listed in
sexton’s records
Van Wagoner, Mary Van Houten not listed in
sexton’s records
Whitney, Don Carlos Grave #14
Woodruff, Ezra Carter Grave #34
Woodruff, Joseph Carter Cutler's Park #58
Wright, Enoch Grave #27

Information taken from Jensen, Carlyle B. and Gail Geo. Holmes, A “Grave” Experience at the Mormon Pioneer Winter Quarters Cemetery, October 1999.

Number of Deaths by Age Group

Ward 15 Pie a  0-8 yrs
b  9-16 yrs
c  17-60 yrs
d  Over 60 yrs

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters Fifteenth Ward

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters Fifteenth Ward a  Unknown
b  Inflammation of
the Bowels

c  Consumption
d  Summer Complaint
e  Canker
f  Chill, Fever
g  Scurvy
h  Swelling in brain
i  Dropsy
j  Croup
k  Spasms