Statistics of the Winter Quarters Fourteenth Ward

All family members of the head of the household living within the Ward boundaries are listed prior to their departure West or through 1853, whichever occurred first. Some of these children may have been married or died and were not living with the family when the Ward census was taken. The Winter Quarters wards were only in place from 1846-1848, at which time the government required the Latter-day Saints, who were on Indian lands, to move back to the east side of the Missouri River.

To view and/or download the GEDCOM for the Winter Quarters Fourteenth Ward Residential Area, click here: WARD 14.

*Please note that all individuals included in the GEDCOM file did not necessarily live at Winter Quarters. They are only included as family members of those who did reside at Winter Quarters.

Bishop: Abraham O. Smoot
Counselors: Warner Porter; John Benbow
Clerk: Thomas Bullock

Number of members: 214 as of 31 Dec 1846.
Notes: 34 men in camp; 15 men absent; 6 in army; 5 widows.

# Indicates members of the ward as listed by “Winter Quarter Wards Index to Membership Lists: 1846-1848 (indicates spelling, if different).

The term "widow" does not necessarily mean the husband has died.  It just means that the woman is living alone.

Those members in "bold type" are most likely the ones in the current family

Multiple wives/husbands are indicated by ( ) after the name.


#Aber, Benjamin (Abner, Benjamin; shoemaker)
Aber Hannah Beers
Aber, Israel Freeman
#Alexander, Randolph (Elmunder, Randolph)
Alexander, Murza Nix (1)
Alexander, Thomas Murphy
Alexander, Susan Arbemilla
Alexander, Adeline
Alexander, Moroni Woodruff
Alexander, Benjamin Lamoni
Alexander, Margaret
Alexander, Sarah Elizabeth
Alexander, John Quincy
Alexander, Lucy Courser Taft (2)
Alger, John
Alger, Sarah Ann Pulsipher
Alger, Nelson
Alger, Sarah Ann
Alger, Olivia
#Allen, Andrew Jackson (Allen, A. J.; gone to Missouri)
Allen, Delilah Emaline Andrews
Allen Pernecy Frances
Allen, William Coleman
Allen, Margaret Mary Jane
Allen, Martha Elizabeth
#Allen, Benjamin
#Allen, James Dickerson (Allen, James; gone to Missouri)
Allen, Sarah Ann Hardy
Allen, David
Allen, Margaret
Allen, Lydia
Allen, Isaac Tidwell
Allen, Mary Thorp
Allen, Sarah Briggs
Allen, James Hardy
Allen, Iziah
Allen, Joseph Smith
Allen Eliza Ann
Allen Dorothy Melissa
#Angell, Truman Osborn (carpenter)
Angell, Polly Johnson
Angell, Sarah Jane
Angell, Martha Ann
Angell, Elizabeth Frances
Angell, Mariah
Angell, Truman Conrad
Angell, Almirah
Babbitt, Lorin Whiting
Babbitt, Almira Castle (1)
Babbitt, Elizabeth Almira
Babbitt, Martha
Babbitt, Jerome H.
Babbitt, Lamoni Lorin
Babbitt, Daughter
Babbitt, Mary Arey Brown (2) (Bobitt, Sister)
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Sarah Elinor
Brown, Thomas James
Brown, Susan Abigail
Brown, Mary Eliza
Baker, Simon (gone to Missouri)
Baker, Mercy Young (1)
Baker, Jarvis Young
Baker, Amenzo White
Baker, Albert Mowry
Baker, Betsey
Baker, George Washington
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Lydia Rebecca
Baker, Mary
Baker, Sarah Young
Baker, Charlotte Leavitt (2)
Baker, Abigail Leavitt
Baker, Benjamin Leavitt
Barnum, Charles Davids (Barnum, Charles D.; carpenter)
Barnum, Polly Beach (1)
Barnum, Lauren
Barnum, Mary Sophrona
Barnum, Martha Loretta
Barnum, Martha Ann
Barnum, Olive
Barnum, Nancy Kittle (2)
Barnum, Fanny Ester
Barnes, David Patten
Barnes, Sarah (Sally) (Barnes, Sister; widow)
Benbow, John
Benbow, Jane Holmes
Benbow, Son
Bills, John (jou'lor (jeweler))
Bills, Elizabeth Scott (1)
Bills, William Andrew
Bills, John A.
Bills, Robert
Bills, Charles Colson
Bills, Franklin Richard
Bills, Samuel
Bills, Elizabeth Hall (2)
Bills, Martha
#Blanchard, Simeon
Blanchard, Eunice Squires
Blanchard, Mervin Simeon
Blanchard, Mary Caroline
Blanchard, Benjamin Thomas
#Brady, Lindsey Anderson (gone to Missouri)
Brady, Elizabeth Ann Hendrickson
Brady, Simeon
Brady, Marion Hendrickson
Brady, Warren Pavidx
Brady, Elizabeth Ann
Brady, Keziah Frances
Brady, Jordan
Brady, Tranquilla Ann Stevens
Brady, Lindsey Anderson
#Bridges, William Erskine (Bridger, William E.)
Bridges, Teressa Morse (1)
Bridges, Worthy Franklin
Bridges, Margaret Robison
Brown, Nathaniel
#Brown, Avis Hill (Brown, Avis)
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Nathaniel
Brown, Isaac H.
Brown, James C.
Brown, Eliza
Brown, George Washington
Brown, Sarah Mariah
Brown, Nathaniel
Brown, Esther
Brown, Sydney William
#Bullock, Thomas
Bullock, Henrietta Rushton (1)
Bullock, Thomas H.
Bullock, Charles R.
Bullock, Willard Richards
Bullock, Lucy Caroline Clayton (2)
Bullock, Mary Catherine
#Bundy, George
Bundy, Mary Smith
Bundy, William
Bundy, William Boalter
Bundy, Ann
#Burdick, Thomas
Burdick, Anna Higley
Burdick, Lucretia
Burdick, Horace
Burdick, James Franklin
Burdick, Cyrus
Burdick, Thomas Henry
Burdick, Ephraim
Burgess, William (gone to Missouri)
Burgess, Vilate Stockwell
Burgess, Harrison Joseph
Burgess, Horace
Burgess, Rosina
Burgess, Hyrum
Burgess, Abram
Burgess, William
Burgess, Hannah
Burgess, Frederick
Burgess, Philip
Burgess, Melanction Wheeter
Burgess, Vilate
Burnham, Jacob D. (Bumam)
Burnham, Mary Caroline Blanchard
Burnham, Mary Lowery
#Clapp, Benjamin Lynn (gone to Missouri)
Clapp, Mary Rachel Shultz (1)
Clapp, Frank Lewis (Lorenzo)
Clapp, William
Clapp, Joseph Carlos
Clapp, Molly Elizabeth
Clapp, Margaret
Clapp, Sarah
Clapp, Nancy
Clapp, John
Clapp, Benjamin
Clapp, Elivra Corinda Randall (2)
Clapp, Corinda Elvira
Clapp, Joel Henry
#Clark, Ezra Thompson
Clark, Mary Stevenson
Clark, Ezra James
Clark, Timothy Baldwin
#Clark, Hiram (Hirum)
Clark, Mary Fenno (1)
Clark, Caroline
Clark, Lucy
Clark, John Milton
Clark, Albert
Clark, Harriet
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Thankful Gill (2)
Clark, George Sakeman
Clark, Horace
Clark, Mary Jane
Clark, Louise
Clark, Alma
#Cox, Eliza Roberts (Cox, Sister)
Cox, John (in Mormon Battalion)
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Ann E.
Cox, John
Cox, Mary Ann
Cox, Anna Mariah
#Davis, William B.
Davis, Rebecca Keers (1)
Davis, Sarah McKee (2)
Davis, David Vernon
Davis, Eleanor Jane
Davis, George David
Davis, Joseph McKee
Davis, Sarah Belle
Davis, James Spencer
Davis, John Fowler
Davis, Margaret Ann
Davis, Alma
Davis, Jared Moroni
Davis, Nephi
Deuel, Eliza Chrysler (Deuel/Deudle, Sister, widow)
Deuel, Seneca (1)
Deuel, Orval
Dewey, Albert (Dewey, Allen; Ouey, Albert) (Gone to Missouri; does not belong to the Church)
Dewey, Ashbel
Dewey, Harriet Adams (widow)
Dewey, Maria Lucy
Dewey, Albert Corning
Dewey, Benjamin Franklin
Dewey, John Henry
Ensign, Horace Datus
Ensign, Mary Bronson (Ensign, Mary B.; widow)
Ensign Horace Datus
Ensign, Luman Ashley
Ensign, John Calvin
Ensign, Martin Luther
Ensign, Rufus Bronson
Ensign Elijah
Ensign, Lydia Esther
#Ensign, Samuel (joiner and carpenter)
Ensign, Mary Everett Gordon
Ensign, Julia Searles
Ensign, Samuel Lozene
Fairchild, Joshua
Fairchild, Mary Skinner (1)
Fairchild, Joshua
Fairchild, Miss
Fairchild, Child
Fairchild, Clarinda Gleason (2)
Fairchild, Harvey
#Fairchild, Prudence Fenner (Farchild, Sister; widow) (3)
Kenyon, Elizabeth
Fairchild, Alma Fenner
Fairchild, Moroni Fenner
#Frost, Burr (Frost, Burr/Bunn) (blacksmith)
Frost, Mary Elizabeth Potter
Frost, Elizabeth
Frost, Emeline Minerva
Frost, Edwin
Frost, Catherine
Gibbons, Sarah (Gibins, Sarah)
#Grant, George Roberts (Grant, George R.) (schoolmaster)
Grant, Mary Helen VanOrden
Grant, Mary Amelia
Grant, Sarah Ophelia
Harris, Zachariah
Harris, Almira Emily Hill (Harris, Emely) (widow)
Harris, Artemissa Ann
Harris, William Jasper
Harris, Martha June
Harris, Mary Elizabeth
Hendricks, James (son in army, himself a cijner (cripple))
Hendricks, Drusilla Dorris
Hendricks, Elizabeth Mahala
Hendricks, William Dorris
Hendricks, Rebecca
Hendricks, Catherine Tabitha
Hendricks, Joseph Smith
Hill, Leonard
Hill, Sarah (Sally) Forbush (Hill, Sister) (widow)
Hill, Charles Frederik
Hill, Sarah Julie
Hill, Jerusha Morrison
Hill, Cyrus Andrew
Hill, Heaman Alison
Hill, George Elbridge
Hill, Maria Josephine
Hill, Justus Franklin
Hill, Emerald Jasper
Holmes, Robert
Holmes, Elizabeth Cole
#Johnson, Theodore
Johnson, Martha Ann Bailey
Johnson, Polly Ann
Johnson, Adaline
Johnson, Lucy Hardy
Johnson, Felinda
Lawrence, John
#Lawrence, Rhoda Sanford (Larence, Sister) (widow)
Lawrence, Araminta Miranda Adelia
Lawrence, Sarah Jane
Lawrence, Maria
Lawrence, Emma Smith
Lawrence, Mary Ellen
Lawrence, Angeline Elizabeth
Lawrence, Rhoda Almira
Lawrence, John Edwin
McCarty, Nelson
McCarty, Lemira Smith (1)
McCarty, Louisa Payne (2)
McCarty, Charlotte
McCarty, Susan Marie
McCarty, Susan Catherine
McCarty, Lemington
#McCarty, Mary Jane Morris (3) (McCarty, Sister)
McCarty, Sarah
McCarty, Delilah
Moesser, John Henry
#Moesser, Mary Magdalena Zundel (Missen, Sister and Moeser, Magdalen) (widow)
Moesser, John Henry
Moesser, Joseph Hyrum
Moesser, George Edward
Moesser, Alma
Moesser, Emma
Moesser, Elizabeth Catharine
#Morse, Gilbert
Morse, Cynthia A. Bevans
Morse, Mary
Morse, William A.
Orser, David Henry
#Orser, Martha Allen (Orsen, Sister) (widow)
Smith, Olive Amanda
Orser, Heber Evert
Orser, Albert
Orser, Martha
Orser, Lucy
Orser, Charlotte Cynthia
Owens, James Clark
Owens, Abigail Cordelia Burr (Owen, Sister) (widow)
Owens, Cordelia Rebecca
Owens, Horace Burr
Owens, Caroline Amelia
Owens, Levi Benjamin
Owens, Charles
Owens, Julia Minerva
Owens, John
Owens, James Clark
Pack, George
Pack, Phylotte Green (Geen, Philomus)
Pack, Margaret
Pack, George
Pack, Nancy
Pack, Phebe
Pack, Mary
Pack, John
Pack, Caleb
Pack, Harriet
Pack, Eleanor
Pack, James Benjamin
Porter, Chauncy Warriner (Porter, C. W.) (also listed as (Porter, Warner)
Porter, Emma (Amy) Sumner (1)
Porter, Alma
Porter, Malinda Ann
Porter, William
Porter, Sarah Angeline
Porter, Nancy Aretta
Porter, Hyrum Smith
Porter, Joseph
Porter, Benjamin
Porter, Lydia Ann Cook (2)
Porter, Warriner Ahaz
Porter, Priscilla Strong
#Porter, Sanford
Porter, Nancy Warriner
Porter, Chauncey Warrriner (listed above)
Porter, Malinda
Porter, Sarah
Porter, John President
Porter, Nathan Tanner
Porter, Reuben
Porter, Hyrum
Porter, Joseph
Porter, William
Porter, Justin Theadore
Porter Nancy Areta
Porter, Lucinda
Porter, Lyman Wight
#Pulsipher, Zerah (Pulsipher, Zeroi/Zera) (gone to Missouri)
Pulsipher, Mary Randall (1)
Pulsipher, Harriet
Pulsipher, Mary Ann Brown (2)
Pulsipher, Mary Ann
Pulsipher, Iona Almira
Pulsipher, Nelson
Pulsipher, Mariah
Pulsipher, Sarah
Pulsipher, John
Pulsipher, Charles
Pulsipher, Mary Ann
Pulsipher, William
Pulsipher, Eliza Jane
Pulsipher, Fidelia
Robins, James
Robins, Elizabeth Lambert
Robins, Elizabeth Ann
#Sears, William (Seers, William)
Sears, Margaret Standley
Sears, Albert
#Secrist, Jacob Foutz (Secrist, Jacob) (gone to Missouri)
Secrist, Anna Eliza Logan
Secrist, Louisa
Secrist, Louisa
#Sheets, Elijah Funk (Sheet, Elijah) (blacksmith)
Sheets, Margaret Hutchinson (1)
Sheets, Margaret Hannah
Sheets, Susanna Musser (2)
Shurtliff, Luman Andrus (Shurtlif, Luman D.)
Shurtliff, Eunice Bagg Gaylord (1)
Shurtliff, Elsamina Emergene
Shurtliff, Mary Eliza
Shurtliff, Lewis Warren
Shurtliff, Lydia Ann
Shurtliff, Lydia Amanda
Shurtliff, Jane Narcessess
Shurtliff, Elizabeth Hatch
Shurtliff, Lucy Amerilla
Shurtliff, Altamira Gaylord (2)
Shurtliff, Noah Luman
Shurtliff, Ellen Cordelia
Shurtliff, Melissa Adeline
#Simmons, Leven (Simons, Elren)
Simmons, Harriet Bradford
Simmons, George Washington
Simmons, Samuel
Simmons, Sarah Jane
Simmons, Johnathan
Simmons, Eliza Hannah
Simmons, Leven
Simmons, Matthew
Simmons, Levi
#Smith, Sarah
#Smith, Mary Fielding (Smith, Sister) (widow)
Smith, Joseph Fielding
Smith, Martha Ann
#Smoot, Abraham O. (gone to Missouri for provisions)
#Smoot, Margaret Thompson McMeans (1) (Sister Smoot)
Smoot, William Cochran Adkinson
Smoot, Hyrum
Smoot, Almira Emily Hill (2)
#Smoot, Sarah (3)
#Stevenson, Edward (tinmour (tinman))
Stevenson, Nancy Areta Porter
Stevenson, Nephi Porter
#Stout, Allen Joseph (Stout, Allen)
Stout, Elizabeth Anderson (1)
Stout, Charles Heber
Stout, Allen Joseph
Stout, Martha Ann
#Thomas, Elijah (Thomas, E. S.)
#Turnbow, Samuel (Gone to Missouri)
Turnbow, Sylvira Caroline Hart
Turnbow, John Gillenroy
Turnbow, Warren
Turnbown, Isaac
Turnbow, Epsy Adeline
Turnbow, Robert Franklin
Turnbow, Sophronia Ellen Lenore Hart
Turnbow, Milton Octavious
Turnbow, Laura Ann
Turnbow, Margaret Ann
#Utley, Little John
Utley, Elizabeth Rutledge
Utley, William Foster
Utley, Martha Ann
Utley, Helen Elizabeth
Utley, Margaret Eliza
Utley, Little John Rutledge
Utley, Sarah Matilda
Utley, James Minton
Utley, Abraham Gray
Utley, Sophronia Jane
#Utley, Samuel Walton (brother) (records not included in any other ward)
Utley, Mariah (Maria) Berry
Utley, Sarah Elizabeth
Utley, James William Saunders
Utley, Harriet Temperance
Utley, Jacob Jefferson
Utley, Henry Lafayette
Utley, Gabriel Marion
#Wells, Phares (carpenter)
Wells, Maria McLean
Wells, Evalina
Wells, Phares
Wells, Mariah
Willey, Jeremiah (in army)
Willey, Bashabe Stevens (#1)
Willey, Abigail
#Willey, Samantha Call (#2) (Willey, Cemantha) (husband in army)
Willey, Samantha Ellen
Willey, William Wallace
Willey, Elizabeth Bailey
Willey, David Orson
#Woodruff, Aphek (aged and infirm)
Woodruff, Beulah Thompson (#1)
Woodruff, Azmon
Woodruff, Ozem Thompson
Woodruff, Azubah Hart (#2)
Woodruff, Philo
Woodruff, Asahel Hart
Woodruff, Newton
Woodruff, Eunice
Woodruff, Julius
#Woodruff, Wilford
Woodruff, Sarah Emma (#1)
Woodruff, Wilford
Woodruff, Phoebe Amelia
Woodruff, Susan Cornelia
Woodruff, Joseph Carter
Woodruff, Ezra Carter
Woodruff, Mary Ann Jackson (#2)
Woodruff, James Jackson
#Woolley, John Mills (Woolley, John; Wolley, John) (merchant)
Woolley, Maria Lucy Dewey
Woolley, John Dewey
#Yocum, William (Yocum, Brother)
Yocum, Susannah Crouse
Yocum, Susannah (Anna)
Yocum, Rachel Irene
Yocum, Nancy
Yocum, Nephi
Yocum Esther
Yocum, Joseph

Serving in Mormon Battalion
Cox, John (Private, Company E)
McCarty, Nelson (Private, Company B)
Owens, James (Private, Company D)
Porter, Sanford (Private, Company E)
Willey, Jeremiah (Private, Company A)

Residents Who Died at Winter Quarters (34) (16 % of members)

*Click on the grave number to see a map of the Winter Quarters Cemetery.

Angell, Almirah Grave #44 Cutler's Park
Angell, Martha Ann Grave #23
Angell, Truman Conrad Grave #240
Benbow, Jane Holmes Grave #15
Burdick, Ephraim Grave #185
Burnham, Mary Caroline Blanchard Grave #117
Burnham, Mary Lowery Grave #184
Bullock, Willard Richards Grave #104
Cox, Anna Mariah Grave #211
Dewey, Ashbel Grave #19 Cutler's Park
Ensign, Horace Datus Grave #15 Cutler's Park
Hill, Charles Frederik Grave #146
Hill, Sarah (Sally) Grave #81
Jones, Hannah Burgess Grave #22 Cutler's Park
Lawrence, Angelina Elizabeth Grave #34 Cutler's Park
Lawrence, John Grave #39
Lawrence, John, Jr. Grave #99
Lawrence, Rhoda Almira Grave #36 Cutler's Park
Morse, William A. Grave #96
Porter, Emma (Amy) Grave #125
Porter, Benjamin Grave #38
Porter, Joseph Grave #38
Sheets, Margaret Hutchinson Grave #68
Sheets, Margaret Hannah Grave #68
Stout, Elizabeth Anderson Grave #291
Uttley, Henry Lafayette Grave #242
Utley, Jacob Jefferson Grave #261
Utley, James William Saunders Grave #259
Utley, Maria Grave #248
Utley, Sarah Elizabeth Grave #262
Willey, Elizabeth Bailey Grave #42
Willey, Samantha Ellen Buried in Illinois
Woodruff, Ezra Carter Grave #34
Woodruff, Joseph Carter Grave #58 Cutler's Park

Number of Deaths by Age Group

Ward 14 Pie a  0-8 yrs
b  9-16 yrs
c  17-60 yrs
d  Over 60 yrs

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters Fourteenth Ward

Ward 14 Bar a  Canker
b  Chills & Fever
c  Inflammation &
Bowel Complaint

d  Dropsy
e  Summer Complaint
f  Scurvy
g  Child Bed
h  Unknown
i  Measles