Statistics of the Winter Quarters Eleventh Ward

All family members of the head of the household living within the Ward boundaries are listed prior to their departure West or through 1853, whichever occurred first. Some of these children may have been married or died and were not living with the family when the Ward census was taken. The Winter Quarters wards were only in place from 1846-1848, at which time the government required the Latter-day Saints, who were on Indian lands, to move back to the east side of the Missouri River.

To view and/or download the GEDCOM for the Winter Quarters Eleventh Ward Residential Area, click here: WARD 11

*Please note that all individuals included in the GEDCOM file did not necessarily live at Winter Quarters. They are only included as family members of those who did reside at Winter Quarters.

Bishop: Abraham Hoagland
Counselors: William Henrie (Henry), Ezra Oakley
Clerk: George Cannon

Number of members: 179 as of 31 December 1846

# Indicates members of the ward as listed by "Winter Quarter Wards Index to Membership Lists: 1846-1848".
( ) indicates spelling, if different.

The term "widow" does not necessarily mean the husband has died.  It just means that the woman is living alone.

Those members in "bold type" are most likely the ones in the current family.

Multiple wives are indicated by ( ) after the name.


#Abbott, Lewis
Abbott, Ann Marsh
Abbott, Abigail
Abbott, Thomas Marsh
Abbott, Ammon
Abbott, Eliza Ann
Abbott, Joseph
Allen, George (Serving in Mormon Battalion)
#Allen, Ann Baylies (Bayless) (Allen, Ann) (Soldier's wife)
Allen, William
Babcock, Lorenzo (Serving in Mormon Battalion)
#Babcock, Amy Ann Marbel (Husband in Army)
Babcock, George
Babcock, William Lorenzo
Babcock, John Rowley
#Barton, Asa
Barton, Mary Brown
Barton, Sarah Ann
#Barton, John
Barton, Susannah Wilkinson
Barton, Mary Catherine
Barton, William Gilbert
Barton, Elizabeth Jane
Barton, Phoebe Elen
Barton, John Oscar
#Beach, Rufus
Beach, Laura Ann Gibbs (1)
Beach, Alfred C.
Beach, Eliza Jane (2)
Beach, Mary Catherine (3)
Beach, Harriet Cordelia (4)
#Billings, Titus
Billings, Diantha Morley
Billings, Samuel Dwight
Billings, Thomas
Billings, Ebenezer
Billings, Emily
Billings, Martha
Billings, Alfred Nelson
Billings, George Pierce
Billings, Eunice
Billings, Titus
#Blackhurst, William
Blackhurst, Margaret Stephenson
Blackhurst, Ellen Stephenson
Blackhurst, David
Blackhurst, Joseph Brigham
#Brower, Arieh Coates
Brower, Margaret Elizabeth Hussey
Brower, Ann Elizabeth
Brower, Victoria Adelaide
Brower, William Henry
Brower, Arieh Hussey
Browett, Daniel (Serving in the Mormon Battalion)
#Browett, Elizabeth Harris
Browett, Moroni
#Brown, Benjamin (Brown, Bishop) (Serving as Bishop of Winter Quarters Ward)
Brown, Abba Caldwader (1)
Brown, Sarah Mumford (2)
Brown, Cornelia
Brown, Cordelia
Brown, Lorenzo
Brown, Walter
Brown, Homer
Barker, Mary Ann (3)
Thompson, Polly (4)
Bullock, Benjamin
#Bullock, Dorothy Kimball (Bullock, Sister)
Bullock, Jane Kelton
Bullock, Benjamin Kimball
Bullock, Isaac
Bullock, Mary Ann
Bullock, Jared John
Bullock, Dorothy Melissa
#Cannon, George
Cannon, George Quayle
Cannon, Mary Alice
Cannon, Son
Cannon, Ann
Cannon, Angus Munn
Cannon, John Quayle
Cannon, David Henry
Cannon, Leonora
#Corless, Edward
Corless, Catherine Stephenson
Corless, Catherine
Corless, Thomas
Corless, John Stephenson
Corless, Edward
Corless, William
Corless, Alice
Corless, Henry Edward
Corless, Margaret
#Corless, Ellen (Deceased? had been ill for 58 wks)
#Corless, Henry (Corless, Henry Senr) (Deceased? property appraised)
Cox, John (Serving in the Mormon Battalion)
#Cox, Eliza Roberts (Cox, Eliza) (Husband in Army)
#Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Ann E.
Cox, John
#Cox Mary Ann
#Cox, Anna Mariah (Cox, Maria)
#Cox Sarah
#Craig, James
Craig, Margaret McMullins
Craig, Daniel
#Davis, Isaac (Built house for Eliza Cox)
Davis, Edith Richards
Davis, Elisha Hildbrand
Davis, Esther
Davis, Sabina Ann
Davis, Ruth Juliana
Davis, Elizabeth Arsena
Davis, Hannah Jane
Davis, Isaac
Davis, Elijah
Davis, Edith
Davis, Mahlon
#Devenish, Henry
Devenish, Eliza Horne (1)
Devenish, Elizabeth Marie
Devenish, Martha Jane
Devenish, Maria Horne (2)
Devenish, Elizabeth (3)
#Dickson, John
Dickson, Mary Henderson
Dickson, John
Dickson, Mary
Dickson, Billa
Dickson, David J.
Dickson, Albert
Dickson, Sarah
Dickson, Martha
Dickson, Stewart
Dickson, Child
#Eddins, George (Eddings, George) (Deceased? Property Appraised)
Eddins, Ann Smith (1) (Died in 1841)
#Eddins, John (Eddings, John)
#Eddins, Louisa Ann (Eddings, Louisa)
Eddins, Emma
Eddins, Elizabeth
#Eddins, Jesse Ann (Eddings, Jesse)
Eddins, George
#Eddins, Ann Cook (2) (Eddings, Ann) (Widow of George Eddins)
#Gardner, Archibald
Gardner, Margaret Livingston
Gardner, Robert
Gardner, Neil
Gardner, Archibald
Gardner, Janet
Gardner, Margaret
#Gardner, Robert
Gardner, Margaret Callender
Gardner, Margaret
Gardner, William
Gardner, Christine
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Margaret
Gardner, Janet
Gardner, Archibald
Gardner, Girl
Gardner, Robert
Gardner, Boy
Gardner, Robert
Gardner, Jane McKeown
Gardner, Robert Rierson
Gardner, Mary Jane
Gardner, Margaret
Gardner, William
#Gardner, William
Gardner, Anne Lackie (1) (Died 1837)
Gardner, Robert
Gardner, John
Gardner, Jane
Gardner, William
Gardner, Janet Livingston (2)
Gardner, Margaret Callender
Gardner, Neil Livingston
Gardner, Janet
Gardner, Duncan Livingston
#Garn (Carn), Daniel (Carns, Bishop) (Serving as Bishop of the Winter Quarters 10th Ward)
Garn, Margaret Moses (1)
Garn, John
Garn, Samuel
Garn, David
Garn, Mary Ann
Garn, Daniel
Garn, Emma
Garn, Eveline
Garn, Joseph
Garn, Sarah Marinda
Garn, Priscilla Marsteller (2)
#Granger, Sabra (Granger, Salery)
Harris, Robert (Serving in the Mormon Battalion)
#Harris, Hannah Maria Eagles (Harris, Marie)
Harris, Joseph Robert
Harris, Elizabeth
Harris, William C
Harris, Thomas Eagles
Harris, Enoch
Harris, Sarah Ann
Harris, Robert
Harris, Daniel Browett
#Henrie, William (Henry, William)
Henrie, Mary W. Dade (1)
Henrie, Myra Mayhall (2)
Henrie, Daniel
Henrie, James
Henrie, Joseph
Henrie, Margaret
Henrie, Sarah
Henrie, Samuel
Henrie, Mary
#Heywood, Mary Bayless (Haywood, Mary)
#Hoagland, Abraham Lucas (Hoagland, Abraham)
Hoagland, Margaret Quick (1)
Hoagland, Lucas
Hoagland, Mary
#Hoagland, Peter
Hoagland, John
Hoagland, Elizabeth
Hoagland, Emily
Hoagland, Cornelia
Hoaglund, Agnes Taylor (2)
#Hoare, Thomas (Possibly Thomas Orr)
#Horne, Joseph
Horne, Maria Maidens
Horne, Maria
Horne, Joseph (see below)
Horne, Mary Ann
Horne, Robert
Horne, Eliza
Horne, Rebecca
Horne, Richard Maidens
Horne, Elizabeth
#Horne, Joseph
Horne, Mary Isabella Hales
Horne, Mary Ann
Horne, Robert
Horne, Henry James
Horne, William Joseph
Horne, Joseph Smith
Horne, Richard Stephen
Horne, Elizabeth Ann
#Houtz, Jacob
Houtz, Lydia Mease
Houtz, Mary Elzabeth
Houtz, Mary Lucinda
#Jones, James
Jones, Mary Jones (1)
Jones, Henry
Jones, James
Jones, Peter
Jones, John
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Mary
Jones, Hannah
Jones, Mrs. Coles (2) (Jones, Sister)
#Jones, William
Jones, Elizabeth Hughes
Jones, William
Jones, Rebecca Jane
Jones, Charlotte
Jones, Mercy
Jones, Mary
Jones, Anna Maria
Jones, Sarah Matilda
Jones, David Corlas
Kelly, William Edward (Serving in the Mormon Battalion)
#Kelly, Ann Faragher
#Lagon, Esq.
#Lambert, Charles
Lambert, Mary Alice
Lambert, Charles John
Lambert, George Cannon
#Luckham, Robert
Luckham, Margaret Rogers (1)
Luckham, Mary Gardner (2)
Luckham, Mary
Sweeten, George
Sweeten, Margaret
Sweeten, David
Sweeten, Martha
Sweeten, Robert
#Lyman, Eleanor Sheffield
#Lyman, William Davis
Lyman, Maria C. Ward
Marble, Nathaniel (died 29 Sep 1845)
#Marble, Mary (Marble, Polly) Widow
Marble, Mary Almeda
#Marble, Samuel Harvey (Marble, S. M.)
Marble, Silas D.
Marble, Amy Ann
Marble, William Lorenzo
Marble, Horace
Marble, Joseph
Marble, Henry Lyman
Marble, Jane
Marble, Hyrum Austin
Marble, Emma
Mitchell, William Cooke
#Mitchell, Eliza Ridsdale (Mitchel, Eliza) Deceased
Mitchell, Eliza Josephine
Mitchell, William Cooke
Mitchell, William Cooke
#Mitchell, John T.
Mosley, William (died 14 Sep 1845)
#Mosley, Mary Beardmore (Mosley, Widow)
Mosley, Elizabeth
Mosley, Mary
Mosley, Ann Maria
Mosley, Hannah Frances
Mosley, Thomas William
Mosley, Susan
#Oakley, Ezra
Oakley, Elizabeth DeGroot (1)
Oakley, Henry DeGroot
Oakley, John DeGroot*
Oakley, Mary Ann
Oakley, Male
Oakley, James DeGroot
Oakley, Margaret DeGroot
#Oakley, John DeGroot (Oakley, John)*
Oakley, Mary Madelena McCormall Patterson
Oakley, Mary Elizabeth
#Orr, Thomas
Orr, Catherine Jackson
Orr, John
Orr, James Jackson
Orr, Thomas
Orr, Isabella
Orr, Mary Ann
#Owen, Asa (Olsen, Asa)
Owen, Laura Farnsworth
Owen, Seeley (Serving in the Mormon Battalion)
#Owen, Elizabeth (Owen, Eliza) Soldier's wife
#Park, David
Park, Anne Brooks
Park, Marion Allen
Park, Barbara
Park, Jane
Park, James
Park, David Brooks
Park, James
Park, Hugh
Park, Martha
Park, John
Park, Joseph Hyrum
#Park, John
Park, Louisa Smith
Park, Jane
Park, Mary Ann
Park, Marion Ellen
Park, Louisa
#Park, William
Park, Jane Duncan
Park, Agnes Thompson
Park, James Duncan
Park, John Duncan
Park, Marian Ellen
Park, Jane Duncan
Park, William Duncan
Park, Hugh Duncan
Park, Mary Ann Duncan
Park, Andrew Duncan
#Phelps, William Wines (Phelps, William W.)
Phelps, Sally Waterman (1)
Phelps, Sabrina
Phelps, Mehitable D.
Phelps, William Waterman
Phelps, Jerusha
Phelps, Sarah
Phelps, Henry Enon
Phelps, Mary
Phelps, James
Phelps, Lydia
Phelps, Princella
Phelps, Laura Stowell (2)
Phelps, Elizabeth Dunn (3)
Phelps, Sarah Betsy Gleason (4)
Pinkham, Nathan
#Pinkham, Elizabeth Bradford (Pinkham, Elizabeth)
Pinkham, Elmira
Pinkham, Nathan
Pinkham, Sumner
Pinkham, Caroline
Pinkham, Hiram Kempton
Pinkham, Lucy
#Porter, James Buchannon (Porter, James)
Porter, Elizabeth Schlotterback
Porter, Elizabeth Sophia
Porter, Lydia Ann
Porter, George Slaughterback
Porter, Martha Jane
Porter, James Henry
#Porter, Chauncy Warriner (Porter, Warner)
Porter, Emma (Amy) Sumner (1)
Porter, Alma
Porter, Malinda Ann
Porter, William
Porter, Sarah Angeline
Porter, Nancy Aretta
Porter, Hyrum Smith
Porter, Joseph
Porter, Benjamin
Porter, Lydia Ann Cook (2)
Porter, Warriner Ahaz
#Pullen (Pulley), Francis
Pullen, Hannah (1)
Pulley, James Franklin
Pulley, Alice Moon (James' wife)
#Richards, Phineas Howe (Richards, Phinehas)
Richards, Wealthy Dewey (1)
Richards, Abraham
Richards, Moses
Richards, Betsey
Richards, Franklin Dewey
Richards, George Spencer
Richards, Samuel Whitney
Richards, Maria Wealthy
Richards, Joseph William
Richards, Henry Phineas
Richards, Mary Vail Morse (2)
Richards, Margaret Phillips (3)
#Richards, Williard (Richards, W.)
Richards, Jennetta (1)
Richards, Heber John
Richards, Heber John
Richards, Rhoda Ann Jeanetta
Richards, Mary Thompson (2)
Richards, Sarah Longstroth (3)
Richards, Naney Longstroth (4)
Richards, William Brigham
Richards, Joseph Smith
Richards, Susanna Bayliss (5)
#Riter, Levi Evans (Riter, Bishop)
Riter, Rebecca Wollerton Dilworth
Riter, Samuel Harvey
Riter, William Wollerton
Riter, Margaret A.
Riter, Ann Elizabeth
Roberts, Levi (Serving in Mormon Battalion)
#Roberts, Harriet Ann Efford (Hefford) (Roberts, Harriet)
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Caroline
Roberts, Caroline
Roberts, Phoebe Ann
Roberts, Marinda
#Shaw, William (Shay, William)
Shaw, Lucy
#Sherwood, Henry Garlie
Sherwood, Phoebe Black (1)
Sherwood, Georgeana Capshaw (2)
Sherwood, Jane McManagal (3)
Sherwood, Frances
Sherwood, Marcia Abbott (4)
Sherwood, Mahala Morris (5)
#Singley, Nicholas
Singley, Margaret
Singley, Margaret Louise
#Spencer, Daniel
Spencer, Sophronia Eliza Pomeroy (1)
Spencer, Claudius V.
Spencer, Sarah Lester (2)
Spencer, Amanda
Spencer, Mary Leona
Spencer, Mary Spencer (3)
Spencer, Emily Shafter Thompson (4)
#Stickney, William
#Stout, Hosea
Stout, Samanthea Peck (1)
Stout, Louisa Bome Taylor (2)
Stout, Lydia Sarah
Stout, William Hosea
Stout, Hyrum
Stout, Louisa
Stout, Elizabeth Ann
Stout, Lucretia Fisher (3)
Stout, Marinda Bennett (4)
#Sweet, George
Sweet, Mary Ann
Sweet, Henry
Sweet. Kesiah
Sweet, Robert
Sweet, Phebe
Taylor, James
Taylor, Agnes Taylor (Taylor, Agnes (Taylor, Sister Ag)
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, John (listed below)
Taylor, James
Taylor, William Moon
Taylor, George
Taylor, William
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Agnes
Taylor, William (listed below)
Taylor, George
#Taylor, John
Taylor, Leonora Cannon (1)
Taylor, George John
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Joseph James
Taylor, Leonora Agnes
Taylor, Elizabeth Kaighin (2)
Taylor, Josephine
Taylor, Jane Ballantyne (3)
Taylor, Ann Hughlings (4)
Taylor, Mary Ann Oakley (5)
Taylor, Sophia Whitaker (6)
#Taylor, William
Taylor, Lovina Chandler
#Vance, John (Vance, Bishop John)
Vance, Sarah Lavinia Gant Perkins (1)
Vance, Isaac Young
Vance, Margaret M.
Vance, William Perkins
Vance, Nancy Ann
Vance, James
Vance, Ute Perkins
Vance, Lewis Perkins
Vance, John F.
Vance, Son
Vance, Elizabeth Campbell (2)
Vance, Martha Jane
Vance, Mary Elizabeth
Vance, Lehi Moroni
#Wallace, George Benjamin (Wallace, George B.)
Wallace, Melissa Melvina King
#Willis, Benjamin
Willis, Hannah Himbleright
Willis, Sarah Ann
Willis, John
Willis, William Benjamin
Willis, Hyrum
Willis, Mary Martha

Residents in Mormon Battalion

Allen, George (Private, Company B)
Babcock, Lorenzo (Private, Company C)
Browett, Daniel (4th Sergt., Company E)
Cox, John (Private, Company E)
Harris, Robert (Private, Company E)
Owen, Seeley (Private, Company C?)
Roberts, Levi (Private, Company E)

Residents Who Died at Winter Quarters (20) (11% of members)

*Click on the grave number to see a map of the Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery

Babcock, Amos
Cutler's Park #61
Babcock, Benjamin A.
Grave #105
Babcock, Cirvilia Jane
Grave #74
Babcock, George
Grave #193
Blackhurst, Margaret Stephenson
Grave #51
Corless, Ellen
Grave #55
Cox, Anna Mariah
Grave #211
Davis, Isaac
Grave #155
Eddins, George
Grave #143
Gardner, Janet
Cutler's Park #2
Harris, Robert
Grave #183
Jones, Mary
Grave #31
Mitchell, Eliza
Grave #49
Porter, Emma (Amy)
Grave #125
Porter, Benjamin
Grave #38
P orter, Joseph
Grave #38
Sweet, Mary Ann
Grave #264
Vance, Lehi Moroni
Cutler's Park #21

Information taken from Jensen, Carlyle B. and Gail Geo. Holmes, A "Grave" Experience at the Mormon Pioneer Winter Quarters Cemetery, October 1999.

Others that died indicated by family records:

Barton, Phoebe Elen Died 4 Dec 1846
Brower, William Henry Died 6 Sep 1846
Corless, Henry Abt 1847
Gardner, Janet Died before 31 Dec 1846
Horne, Joseph Died 10 Oct 1846
Horne, Maria Maidens Died 1847
Jones, Mercy Died 1847
Taylor, Ann Hughlings Died 24 Sep 1846
Whipple, Basmoth Elnore Hutchins Died 9 Sep 1846

Number of Deaths by Age Group

Number of Deaths by Age Group a  0-8 yrs
b  9-16 yrs
c  17-60 yrs
d  Over 60 yrs

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters Eleventh Ward

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters Eleventh Ward a  Canker
b  Chills& Fever
c  Consumption
d  Bilious Fever
e  Born with disease
f  Bowel Complaint
g  Dropsy
h  Scurvy
i  Measles
j  Unknown