Statistics of the Winter Quarters First Ward

All family members of the head of the household living within the Ward boundaries are listed prior to their departure West or through 1853, whichever occurred first. Some of these children may have been married or died and were not living with the family when the Ward census was taken. The Winter Quarters wards were only in place from 1846-1848, at which time the government required the Latter-day Saints, who were on Indian lands, to move back to the east side of the Missouri River.

To view and/or download the GEDCOM for the Winter Quarters First Ward Residential Area, click here: WARD 1

*Please note that all individuals included in the GEDCOM file did not necessarily live at Winter Quarters. They are only included as family members of those who did reside at Winter Quarters.

Bishop: Edward Hunter
Counselor: Benjamin Covey
Counselor: Jacob Weiler

Number of members: 192 as of 31 December 1846

# Indicates members of the ward as listed by “Winter Quarter Wards Index to Membership Lists: 1846-1848”.
( ) indicates spelling, if different.

The term "widow" does not necessarily mean the husband has died.  It just means that the woman is living alone.

Those members in “bold type” are most likely the ones in the current family.

Multiple wives are indicated by ( ) after the name.


#Aldridge, Joseph L. (Aldridge, J L)
Aldridge, Mary Earl (died 1846)
Aldridge, William
Aldridge, Elethine
#Allen, Orval Morgan (Allen, O M)
Allen, Jane Wilson
Allen, Eliza Ann
Allen, Elizabeth Catherine
Allen, Mary Jane
Allen, Sarah Lucinda
Allen, Antoinette Morgan
Allen, Alma Hyrum
Allen, James Chandler
Allen, Laura Josephine
#Allen, Owen
#Barrows, Ethan
Barrows, Lorena Covey
Barrows, Ethan
Barrows, Benjamin Joseph
Barrows, Emma Lorena
Barrows, Brigham Young
#Bleazard, John Hopwood (Blazard, John)
Bleazard, Sarah Searcy Miller (Miller children are by her first husband, James Miller)
Miller, Mary Jane
Miller, Martha Ann
Miller, Elijah
Miller, Samuel Robert
Miller, John
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Elizabeth
Bleazard, Dorcas Searcy
Bleazard, John Searcy
Bleazard, Mariam
#Boley, Henry
Boley, Barbara Ann Harts
#Boley, Henry Harts, Jr. (Boley, Henry)
Boley, Elizabeth Arsena Davis
Boley, Angeline Thrift
Boley, Elizabeth Arsena
Boley, Emma Jane
Boley, Henry Davis
#Brooks, Henry
Brown, James (in the Mormon Battalion)
#Brown, Esther Jones (Brown, Esther)
Brown, Augusta
Brown, Asmasa
Brown, Alice
#Brown, Ann Elizabeth
#Burgess, William (Burges, William)
Burgess, Mariah Pulsipher
Burgess, Mary Harriet
Burgess, Carmelia Mariah
Burgess, Juliette
#Burglow, Luther V. (Burklow, Luther)
#Butterfield, Abel
Butterfield, Caroline Sprout
Butterfield, Percis
#Carnahan, Frank (Carnhan, Frank) (lives with Joseph Cummings family)
#Chase, Ezra
Chase, Tirzah Wells
#Cleveland, Henry Alanson (Cleveland, Lanson)
Cleveland, Ann Slade
Cleveland, Mary
Cleveland, Henry Rogers
Cleveland, George William
Cleveland, Horatio
Cleveland, Antoinette
#Colby, Alanson (Colby, Hanson)
Colby, Fanny Knight
#Covey, Benjamin
#Covey, Almira Mack (1) (Covey, Almira)
#Covey, Enoch
#Covey, Joseph
Covey, Andrew Almon
#Covey, Hyrum
#Covey, Diana Cole (2) (Cole, Dianna)
#Covey, Delia A. Cole (Cole, Delia A.)
#Cummings, James (Cummings, J. L.)
Cummings, Susannah Willard
Cummings, Benjamin Franklin
Cummings, Charlotte French
Cummings, Hyrum
Cummings, Josiah
Cummings, Mary Susannah
Cummings, Alva
Cummings, Fanny
#Cummings, James Willard, Jr. (Cummings, J. L., Jr.)
Cummings, Aura Annette Atwood
Cummings, James Willard
Cummings, Oscar Dealton
#Davis, Isaac
Davis, Edith Richards
Davis, Elisha Hildbrand
Davis, Esther
Davis, Sabina Ann
Davis, Ruth Juliana
Davis, Elizabeth Arsena
Davis, Hannah Jane
Davis, Isaac
Davis, Elijah
Davis, Edith
Davis, Mahlon
#Dilworth, Eliza Wollerton (Dilworth, Eliza)
Dilworth, Phebe Ann
Dilworth, Eliza
Dilworth, Rebecca Wollerton
Dilworth, Hannah
Dilworth, Lavina Wollerton
Dilworth, Ann Wollerton
#Dilworth, Harriet Wollerton (Dilworth, Harriet)
#Dilworth, John Taylor (Dilworth, John)
Dilworth, Martha Ann
Dilworth, Elizabeth
Dilworth, Mary Jane
#Dilworth, Mariah Louisa (Dilworth, Mariah)
Dilworth, Rachel
#Dodge, Seth George (Dodge, Seth)
Dodge, Lovenia Braden
Dodge, James Moroni
Dodge, Rachel Melissa
Dodge, Josiah Eli
#Earl, John
#Earl, William Henry (Earl, Wm)
Earl, Sarah Ferdon Syphers (Cyphers)
Earl, Charlotte Elizabeth
Earl, Eleanor
Earl, William Henry
Earl, Jacob Syphers Tompkins
Earl, Mary
Earl, Michael
Earl, Justus
Earl, Sarah
#Early, Celestus (lives with Benjamin Cole family)
#Foster, Charles Allen (Foster, Chas) (lives with Edward Hunter family)
#Freeman, Solomon
Freeman, Hannah (Anna) Wren
#Grow, Henry
Grow, Mary Moyer
Grow, Mariah
Grow, Charles Moyer
Grow, William Moyer
Grow, Brigham Young
#Hatch, Adeline (Hatch, Adaline) (lives with Benjamin Cole family)
Holmes, Jonathan Harriman (in the Mormon Battalion)
#Holmes, Marrietta Carter (1) (died in Nauvoo)
#Holmes, Sarah Elizabeth (Homes, Sarah)
Holmes, Mary Emma
#Holmes, Elvira Annie Cowles (2) (Homes, Alvira)
#Holmes, Lucy Elvira (Homes, Lucy)
#Hunter, Edward
Hunter, Ann Standley (1)
Hunter, Laura Lovina Shimer Kaufmann (2)
Hunter, Caroline Rosealy
Hunter, Rodolph Edward
Hunter, Susanna Wann (3)
Hunter, Jesse Divine (in the Mormon Battalion)
#Hunter, Keziah Brown (Hunter, Kesiah)
Hunter, William
Hunter, Asa Barton
Hunter, Mary Barton
Hunter, Jesse
Hunter, Samuel Divined
Hunter, Marta
Hunter, Edward (in the Mormon Battalion)
#Hunter, Mary Ann Whitesides (Hunter, Mary Ann)
#Hunter, Sarah Ann (Hunter, Sarah A.)
#Jones, Alonzo D. (Jones, Alonzo)
Jones, Hannah Burgess
#Kearns, Henry (Kaines/Karnes, Henry)
Kearns, Barbara Pickle
Kearns, Henry Pickle
Kearns, Barbara Ellen
#King, Timothy Hyde (King, Timothy P.)
King, Hiram
King, Mary Fay
King, Mary Elizabeth
#Knight, Nathan Kinsman (Knight, Nathn K.)
Knight, Lois Witham (1)
Knight, Levi
Knight, John
Knight, Mary
Knight, Fanny
Knight, Zalotis
Knight, Rozina
Knight, Naomi Churchill (2)
Knight, Janett Laird (3)
Knight, Marian Elizabeth
#Deke, Lucinda (Knight, Lucinda) (Knight, Sister)
#Colby, Alanson (Kolby, Alva)
Colby, Fanny Knight
Colby, Elvira
#Leavitt, George (Levit, Geo)
#Leavitt, Phoebe Cowles (Levit, Phebe)
#Leavitt, Emeline (Levit, Emaline)
#Leavitt, Louisa (Levit, Louisa)
#Lloyd, George W. (Lloid, Geo W)
Lloyd, Agnes Meddo
#Lott, Cornelius Peter (Lotts, C P) (may have been double listed as (Plott, Cornelius)
Lott, Permelia Darrow
Lott, Malissa
Lott, John Smiley
Lott, Mary Elizabeth
Lott, Almira Henrietta
Lott, Permelia Jane
Lott, Lucinda Alzina
Lott, Harriet Amanda
Lott, Joseph Darrow
Lott, Clarissa Cemantha Rappleye
Lott, Peter Lyman
Lott, Cornelius Corloss
#Lyman, George (Lyman, Geo)
Lyman, Rosina Burgess
Lyman, Richard
#Mack, Temperance Bond (Mack, Temperance) (lives with Benjamin Covey family)
Mack, Almira
#McCauslin, Younger (McCos, Younger)
McCauslin, Lydia Garner
McCauslin, Jesse
McCauslin, Ann
McCauslin, Susannah
McCauslin, John
McCauslin, Sally
McCauslin, Eliza Jane
McCauslin, Nancy Carolyn
McCauslin, Minerva America
McCauslin, Younger
McCauslin, Lydia
McCauslin, Mahala
#McGary, Charles James (McGary, Chas)
McGary, Charlotte Elizabeth Earl
McGary, William Henry
McGary, Jane
McGary, Ellen
McGary, Sarah
McGary, Elizabeth
McGary, James
McGary, Eliza Melissa
#McGinnis, Benjamin (McGinnas, Benjamin)
McGinnis, Sarah Johnston
McGinnis, Ann Elizabeth
McGinnis, John Franklin
McGinnis, Mary Jane
McGinnis, Samuel
McGinnis, William Harvey
McGinnis, Johnston
McGinnis, Joseph Bready
McGinnis, Sarah Elizabeth
McGinnis, Lorenzo Snow
McGinnis, Margaret Ann
#McGuire, William Wells (Maguire, Wm)
McGuire, Charlotte Ann Ash Babb
McGuire, Thomas D. (adopted)
McGuire, Catherine
McGuire, Julia Ann
#Patten, William Cornwell (Patten, Wm W)
Patten, Juliannah Bench (died 1835)
Patten, George
Patten, Ann
Patten, Julia
#Rains, Henry
#Ranck, Peter (Raunk, Peter)
#Ranck, Ann Lemmon (Raunk, Ann)
#Ranck, Robert Buyers (Raunk, Robert B.)
Ranck, Margaret Elizabeth (Raunk, Margaret E.)
Ranck, Mary Catherine
Ranck, William Eicholtz
Ranck, Joseph Gibson
#Richards, Phineas Howe (Richards, Phineas)
Richards, Wealty Dewey
Richards, Abraham
Richards, Betsey
Richards, Franklin Dewey
Richards, George Spencer
Richards, Samuel Whitney
Richards, Maria Wealthy
Richards, Joseph William
Richards, Henry Phineas
#Robinson, Joseph Lee (Robinson, Joseph L.)
Robinson, Maria Wood (1)
Robinson, Oliver Lee
Robinson, Ebenezer Jay
Robinson, Anna Maria
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Zepheniah
Robinson, Mary Elizabeth
Robinson, Joseph Elijah
Robinson, Susan McCord (2)
Robinson, Susan Aseneth
Robinson, Lauria Maria Atwood (3)
Robinson, William Jones (in the Mormon Battalion)
#Robinson, Rachel Brooke (Robinson, Rachel)
#Robinson, Willington or Philimon
#Robinson, Elizabeth Frances Ann
Roylance, John (in the Mormon Battalion)
#Roylance, Mary Ann Oakes (Roylance/Royland, Mary Ann)
#Roylance, Henry (Royland, Henry)
#Roylance, Ann (Royland, Ann)
Roylance, George
#Roylance, Thomas William (Royland, Thomas)
#Roylance, William (Royland, William)
#Roylance, Elizabeth (Royland, Elizabeth)
#Roylance, Alma (Royland, Alma)
Roylance, Mary Frances
Skeen, Joseph (in the Mormon Battalion)
#Skeen, Maria Amanda Dolby (Skeans/Skeen, Maria)
Skeen, James Buires
#Skeen, William Dolby (Skeen, William)
#Skeen, Elisha David (Skeen, E. D.)
Skeen, Anna Maria
#Skeen, Joseph Hyrum (Skeen, I. H.)
Skeen, Lyman Stoddard
#Slade, George Washington (Slade, George)
Slade, Eliza Jane Atwood
#Sterrett, William (Stanet, Wm)
Sterrett, Permelia Brown
#Terry, Parshall (Terry, Rosel)
Terry, Hannah
Terry, Stevens
Terry, Jacob Er
Terry, Dency
Terry, Clark
Terry, Joel
Terry, Elizabeth
Terry, David
Terry, Jane
Terry, Amy
Terry, Marilla
Terry, Joshua
Terry, Deborah
Terry, James Parshall
#Thatcher, Hezekiah
Thatcher, Alley Kitcher
Thatcher, Joseph Mycoff
Thatcher, Abraham
Thatcher, Catherine Mary
Thatcher, Mary Ellen
Thatcher, John Bethuel
Thatcher, Aaron Dunham
Thatcher, Harriet Ann
Thatcher, George Washington
Thatcher, Moses
Thatcher, Hyrum
Thatcher, Hezekiah
Thornton, Ezra (died in 1836)
#Thornton, Harriet Goodrich (Thornton, Sister)
Thornton, Chester
Thornton, Samuel Stratton
Thornton, Louisa
Thornton, Bascom
Thornton, Fanny
Thornton, Charlotte
Thornton, Mehetable
Thornton, Colista
Thornton, Stephen Goodrich
Thornton, Ezra
#Thornton, Horace
#Turner, Rebecca Willard (Turner, Rebecca) (lives with Benjamin Covey family)
Veach, William (died 1845)
#Veach, Nancy Ann Elliott (Veach, Nancy)
#Veach, James Elliott (Veach, Eliott)
#Veach, Sarah Jane (Veach, Sarah F.)
#Veach, Mary Elizabeth (Veach, Elizabeth)
Veach, Lanzia
Veach, Margaret
#Veach, Julia (Mattie) Melville (Veach, Julia)
Veach, Mary Ann
Veach, Joseph Turner
Veach, William
Walker, William Holmes (in the Mormon Battalion)
#Walker, Olive Hovey Farr (Walker, Olive)
#Webb, Charles (Webb, Chas)
#Webb, Ann McCasley (Webb, Anna)
#Webb, William
#Webb, Susanna
#Weiler, Jacob
Weiler, Anna Maria Malin
Weiler, John
Weiler, Catherine
Weiler, Joseph
Weiler, Elijah Malin
Weiler, Lydia Ann
#Welch, John (Wetsh, John)
Welch, Eliza Billington
Welch, Nicholas
Welch, Elizabeth Preston
#Wright, Robert (Wright, Robt)
Wright, Ann Hagerty
Wright, Joseph Henry
Wright, Sarah Amanda
Wright, Robert James Barsom
Wright, George Washington
Wright, William Franklin


Members in the Mormon Battalion (8)

Brown, James
Holmes, Jonathan Harriman
Hunter, Jesse Divine
Hunter, Edward
Robinson, William Jones
Roylance, John
Skeen, Joseph
Walker, William Holmes

Residents Who Died at Winter Quarters (20) (10% of members)

*Click on the grave number to see a map of the Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery

Butterfield, Abel (name on monument but not in sexton's records; may have Butterfield)
Butterfield, Percis
Grave #213
Covey, Delia Ann
Grave #172
Covey, Dianah
Grave #172
Cummings, James
Grave #120
Cummings, James Willard
Grave #13
Cummings, Susannah Willard
Grave #92
Davis, Isaac
Grave #155
Foster, Thomas
Grave #236
Holmes, Lucy Elvira
Grave #161
Hunter, Caroline Rocealy
Cutler's Park #32
Jones, Hannah Burgess
Cutler's Park #22
Lott, Harriet Amanda
Grave #245
Lott, Joseph Darrow
Grave #250
Lyman, Richard Grave #188
Ranck, Mary Catherine
Buried in Illinois
Ranck, William
Buried in Illinois
Skeen, Joseph Hyrum
Grave #206
Thatcher, Hezekiah
Grave #98
Welch, Nicholas
Grave #229

Information taken from Jensen, Carlyle B. and Gail Geo. Holmes, A “Grave” Experience at the Mormon Pioneer Winter Quarters Cemetery, October 1999.

Number of Deaths by Age Group

Ward 1 Pie   a  0-8 yrs
b  9-16 yrs
c  17-60 yrs
d  Over 60 yrs

Causes of Death For Residents of the Winter Quarters First Ward
Ward 1 Bar a  Bilious Fever
b  Measles
c  Canker
e  Chills, Fever
f  Fits
g  Scurvy
h  Unknown